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Midalu V6, power and style from the Czech Republic

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The model created by the Czechs with a displacement of 2500 cc and 240 HP that would fade to a Triumph Rocket III

January 20, 2011 by Ricardo Silverio
FGR Midalu V6, potencia y estilo desde la República Checa
In the world of motor products Manufacturers are always looking like squeezing the other to take the limit, while improving construction materials resulting in a reduction in weight without losing the qualities of reliability.

In the world of adrenaline bikes and therefore sends the "nonsense" of manufacturers grows, offering mechanical verging on the impossible, such is the case of FGR Minalu V6 from the Czech Republic , which was filed after 6 years of development.

far the Triumph Rocket III, held the dubious mark of larger, more powerful motor for a bike (cruiser type 2.3L and 143 hp), but FGR Minalu V6 has a six-cylinder engine in V offering 2500cc (2.5 liters), 240 hp and 148 lb-ft of torque , something that could move a midsize sedan ease .

The mechanical part is complemented by a bespoke chassis, gearbox and clutch six-speed anti bounce. The frame is steel while the swingarm and engine were made of aluminum; gas tank is located at the bottom of the seat a detail that seeks to balance the weight on the front but can not be very good idea on low fuel.

Visually the result may be a cross between V-Max from Yamaha and Ducati's Diavel . Spawn so large and thick tubular contrasting with mild forms of bodywork that equips limited.

The cost?, The manufacturer claims will be around 40,000 euros (something like $ 700.000 pesos) and will begin marketing until 2012, so we have enough time to save to buy it.



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