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The legend of all-terrain vehicles celebrates 70 years of
January 18, 2011 by Alexander Konstantonis
Jeep cumple 70 años
have been 70-year history of Jeep , which in the beginning helped the Allied Armies to defeat the Germans in World War II .

How it all began?
The Staff of the U.S. Army in 1941 launched a call to automakers in the country to build a vehicle for military purposes a light vehicle that could carry a load, he was agile on any terrain and which enjoyed AWD.
These are some of the features that were requested:
Drive: 4x4
Minimum ground clearance: 16 cm
Max Weight: 590Kg
Payload: 272kg Maximum
Wheelbase: 2.032 mm
minimum sustained speed: 5km / h

interesting thing is that the deadline set by the Army, because of urgency, was only 49 days to submit a working prototype for testing. Of the 135 companies invited, only three accepted the challenge. These were Ford Motor Company, American Bantam (which was the only one that presented a real prototype in the 49 days required) and Willys-Overland . At the end of the scale of the project was so large that the government decided include the three companies, based on the design of American Bantam.
The name
Initially, the project was that of name GP (General Purpose Vehicle or utility vehicle). People called the car using the acronym GP (in English) and soon degenerated into word "JEEP" it was the only word I could utter a character in comics in the late thirties, Eugene, pet belonging to the girlfriend Olivia Oyl Popeye the Sailor . Eugene had higher powers, such as walking through walls or ceilings.
Thanks to the popularity of Eugene, some soldiers began to call their vehicles as JEEP, referring to the powers of Eugene .
The name and logo were registered by the company until 1950 Willis Overland, which continued to produce the Jeep for the military and the civilian market.
owner changes
After the contest, the brand that kept the rights to manufacture and marketing of the Jeep was Willis-Overland, who was responsible for creating and producing models intended for use leisure and work. This produced vehicles like the Jeepster , with tough-looking but more sex appeal the military vehicle.
In 1953, Willis-Overland Motors acquired Kaiser and the company changed its name to Kaiser-Jeep. A few years later, the company bought the factory and all the facilities of Studebaker and Defense and created the Goverment Products Division.
Kaiser-Jeep in 1967 was acquired by American Motors Company (AMC was born in 1954 through the merger of Nash-Kelvinator brands and Hudson Motor Car Company).
founded American Motors division to the Government and the Defense and called AM General continued to produce the Jeep Military, at the same time, he developed a line of Jeep products for civil and labor market, creating products like CJ7 or CJ5 ; (Civilian Jeep) or Wagoneer.
Between 1978 and 1980, Renault took hold little bit of American Motors Company (only the division of vehicles for civilian use) to become majority owner later. During the Renault were launched products as well embelamáticos Grand Wagoneer, the first luxury SUV is not so high price Land Rove as r, but with the same powers as the luxury SUV and necessary. This period also created a famous name in the Jeep, the Cherokee .
The Chrysler was
Due to strong economic problems of the French company, Renault, the American company, Chrysler , led by Lee A. Iacocca and was in excellent financial condition, purchased in 1987 American Motors Company.
executive heads of the penta-star brand finally decide to kill the car division "American Motors" and created a company called Eagle-Jeep . Jeep
The company does not go through the best of times because of the severe crisis in American industry, however in recent months has had a spike in sales thanks to the new Grand Cherokee and is still in a state of transformation, offering better products and better quality than before. Chrysler remains the owner of the mark and also has interesting products and landmarks such as the Wrangler, which is not simply the grandson of the venerable Jeep 1941.



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