Sunday, March 20, 2011

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Timerman, summoned to rescue Japan

Argentinos in Japan: Foreign Ministry's response The Argentina diplomacy remains silent in the face with the order of the deputy Terada. Donations and messages via Twitter. Despite the injunction made by the deputy of the Civic Coalition Alicia Terada, the Foreign Ministry still does not intervene in the return of Argentine citizens who are still in Japan, in the midst of disaster plaguing the country for a week. Although no deaths or injuries reported Argentines, many people want to return home, but found no official answers that can help them leave the island.

Héctor Timerman Foreign Minister addressed the issue only through your Twitter account. The portfolio in charge of issuing a statement that reports on the situation of Argentina in Japan.
According to the note, "the Foreign Ministry continues to monitor the situation in Japan with Argentina Nuclear Regulatory Authority, the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Japanese authorities, "from which various alternatives were designed to help the Argentine citizens who are affected by the situation in the emergency zone."

These measures include the donation of 500 tons of milk powder, provided by Japan's ambassador in Buenos Aires, Hirohito Ishida.

"The plans also include moving to other parts of Japan or nearby countries," said Foreign Ministry. About 1200

Argentines are in Tokyo (270km) and almost 3500 in southern Japan in areas further away from the affected area.

Alicia Terada The deputy Civic Argentine government formally requested to help evacuate residents in Japan in Argentina through the nuclear alert.

"The situation is untenable in Tokyo. The pollution is very serious there, want to return and can not communicate with the embassy. In Japan they say they have no instructions from the Foreign Ministry," said Terada, and communicate with said he did not do this only by his family, but "all Argentine citizens who want to return."

The deputy sent all the data you requested from the office that manages this Timerman reported morning and have not yet received any official response.

"Other countries send planes to evacuate and Argentina does not answer," he lamented.


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