Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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official presentation of the F-Zero compact car to Colombia

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The BYD F-Zero was one of the pleasant surprises had the last Motor Show in Bogota, as he showed a fun and youthful design reflecting that China's industry has already surpassed the stage of 'tracing' and went into the development of proprietary products with original drawings and in bodies that add Zero as the qualities and tastes and are appropriate for the segment coming to compete.
Therefore, the F-Zero is a micro machine in every sense of the word. Compact to the permissible limits of functionality. In his 3.46-meter-long fit three people who have 4 doors and a fifth which is a window that opens to access a tiny space in which it is a medium suitcase, if it uses the volume of 140 liters is upward.
words, it is fairly necessary. Needless to say, it's easy to lead in all sorts of maneuvers and that fits comfortably in any parking lot, as well as its size has the plus of having a hydraulically assisted steering makes' turn on a currency ' literally.
the same proportions they put a small 3-cylinder engine and a liter (998 cc) but it is perfect to walk without problems in the city and not 'wrinkle' to stop when looking for large speedometer in straight and you are arrested after 120 mph.
Its power to weight ratio is appropriate for the segment, it weighs 870 kilos and has 67 horses that give an average of 13 kilos per unit of power and 5-speed gearbox is decently connected because, at the height Bogota, responds with joy even if the driver asks a little more quickly in the first change.
Inside, the presentation is also a generational leap in front of what was already known. The finishes and materials are much better than the first models that came in the first 'wave china' to the country. In fact, the board is digital and with the right information, but the center console is somewhat spartan and draws attention to the location of the elevavidrios electric controls that are on the bridge that is before the shifter.
As for exterior design, there are no objections, rather virtues. It's fun, youthful, modern and like any small car, has its charms. The front is clean and the size of their double lamps and fits perfectly with the line breaks the body combining well with the curves of the same. Behind its huge Bomp, the vertical stops placed in the top window and door 5a which are also consistent with the time.
A further detail, it is for its size, very wide wheel arches protruding from the body and give the feeling of greater stability and a 'shoulder' which gives more volume and sporty style.
equipment There are two options, both with air conditioning as standard, of which the most complete comes with dual airbags, brakes ABS.
The price starts from 20.5 million pesos to two million more for Risk version.



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