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phrases ... The gift of being Argentine

Carlos M.
Reymundo Roberts

It is about a classic that every so often, I unleash my dream, my hope, and that's why I get accused of being an optimist in the pay of Kirchner.
I know, I do not care.

When I look at things that we are living reverberates within me a profound conviction that the world must break through because there go, never to go back.

Let us, for example, the two election days that the country has had.
In Catamarca, democracy stood up to the confrontation Brizuela del Moral, a radical who was Kirchner and now back to the sources, and Corpacci, a Kirchner who teamed with Saadi (his cousins), ie that vote-buying is forget about progress and also returned to the source. Admirable versatility of all, because nothing is less functional than a dogmatic political .

The outcome of this struggle is that the people came out ahead:
Brizuela divided government employment and increases pay, and Corpacci (the Casa Rosada), from roads and housing to books.
Catamarca If a vote every year in a decade would be richer and illustrated that Germany ...

Another interesting aspect is that the people voted against the perpetuation of Brizuela, who was for a third term and then won an alliance with the Saadi, which is perpetuated there more than anyone.
And Corpacci and is calling for continuing Cristina, the eternal.

Julio Cobos, the sacrifice, was all the time by making Brizuela endurance, and ended up eating the shank of defeat. Cobos
Or get you a new tie in the Senate or he too will end up returning to the sources: - "Cristina," in October you do not need a deputy? "

In Chubut fair just to see another Republican who will add a chapter to the history books. Count was less than 300,000 votes more than the $ 100 million in Brazil, but the cause is that they were on the safe and counted one by one.
Fair enough: such was the anxiety to know who was the winner, which some proposed to put the ballots on a scale to see which weighed more.
I know that the three hours that elapsed between the close of polls and early results cast him to roll the darkest suspicions.
All are unfounded: the real reason is that Buzzi, dolphin Governor Das Neves, who was known winner, spent those hours to prepare his rival, Eliceche to defeat. Magnanimous
feared that a quick setback to it plunged into a pit of depression.
Eliceche is true that after the Casa Rosada and all alleged cheating and fraud.
To be submitted to the Justice and requested a recount.
was actually staging, the two sides agreed to take rating Big Brother, that Sunday night grows to 25 points. They got it: even the people who are closer to a strike by dockworkers in Turkmenistan that elections in Chubut stuck to televisions to follow every minute counts infartante, in which the difference between the two Peronist candidates at times was only 300 votes.
Another thing that caught our attention is that, in the XXI century, the figures were not uploaded onto the Internet, as happens today in every election in the world.
also think it made manipulations, irregularities, ballot boxes overturned.
Nothing wrong.
Das Neves, who wants to be president of the Argentine and is in every detail, took the decision to avoid the famous "crashed the system," behind which, we know, lies the most perverse transfer of votes.

How to avoid the dreaded "computer fraud"? Das Neves
solved it: no computer.

The last aspect that fuels my optimism is that Obama went through the region without a foothold in the Argentina.
That speaks to our independence from the great centers of power, it shows that we have our own agenda, that means that we will not kneel to anyone.

In Brazil and Chile, Piñera-Dilma and God knows the amount of concessions that had to do to be included in the tour, "From here we have something to say.

While you will be entertained with this visit, we followed closely the bloody conflict in Libya.
As you shake hands of the man who sends his aircraft to leave a trail of blood in this country, we, through our Foreign Minister solidarizábamos us with Khadafy.

And one last thing, Mrs. Dilma and Mr. Piñera.
Did you have to Obama?
. .. Well
heads: Find out: next week, I confirmed the Foreign Ministry, we will Chavez!


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