Friday, March 25, 2011

Sunflower Field Waialua 2010

SALINAS Group announces the Sixth Competition Essay:" Paths to Freedom "

Freedom is one of the most important assets available to us humans.
have no doubt a enormous practical utility.
A greater security and greater prosperity.
The ability to make SALINAS GROUP

summons the Sixth Essay Contest "Roads to Freedom"
"Freedom does not make men happy, makes them simply men"

Manuel Azana

Freedom is the fundamental human right, but efforts to limit have become systematic in the contemporary world.
Many oppose freedom for the sake of so-called "collective rights", believing that the end justifies the means.
If individual freedom is limited, they say, can provide greater prosperity to the community.
Historical experience indicates, however, that respect for personal freedom is not just the only way to preserve human dignity, but also the most effective way to build a more prosperous society. Therefore
, and the need to foster discussion around the theme of freedom, Grupo Salinas has decided to convene the Sixth
Essay Contest "Roads to Freedom"


1. Participation in this contest anywhere authors world.
2. The works submitted must be written in English and be totally original and unpublished.
should not be involved simultaneously in any other contest.
not be used other original adaptations.
3. Freedom must be the subject of the essay.

The winning works will be those that better analyze the contrast with other "rights" that conflict with it or promote and disseminate it.
be taken into account trials offering proposals to expand the options of freedom in contemporary societies or showing examples of success and failure in implementing this right.
4. Each contestant can participate with the number of books you want.
5. The work must have a length of between 5.250 and 14.000 words (15 to 40 pages or sheets, or 33.000 and 88.000 characters with spaces)

may be submitted in print on paper, with a spacing of one and a half or two spaces, in which case they must be accompanied by a CD.
also be sent by email.
In these cases must be submitted in Microsoft Word, using Arial 12.
6. The works should be signed with a pseudonym, which appear on the cover or first page with the title.
He sent, in the same package of work, a sealed envelope with a sheet to be recorded under the pseudonym, the title essay, the author's full name, address, occupation, telephone number, e-mail address and a brief biographical sketch.
In the same about the contestant attached a document with the following:
"The undersigned (name of contestant) certify that the author of the work (Title) which is submitted to the contest Highway freedom.

also undertakes to provide support at any time and documents needed to defend
in case of dispute, the originality of the work, and where appropriate, to take into harmless , Grupo Salinas of any dispute arising relating to this work.

The author gives his consent and authorization for the work can be published in a book, and can be transmitted and broadcast without limitation, transmitted, published, edited, fixed in any material form, which allow the work to be publicly accessible through any communication or material basis for any existing or known or unknown or developed in the future, by any means, for any purpose without restriction and without generate a payment on behalf of the author "

This certification must be signed by the author
For works sent by email, please send an envelope with the data and
this document signed.
7. The works and envelopes with information on author was sent to the following address:

Contest "Roads to Freedom"
4121 South Loop

CP 14141 Colonia Fuentes del Pedregal

Tlalpan 14141 Mexico, DF Mexico

or Works can also be sent by email to the following address:

8. This call will run from today until April 30, 2011.
Papers submitted by mail or parcel shall be the date recorded as a limit on the postmark or the documentation.
9. The composition of the jury will remain secret until publication of the ruling.
10. Competition results will be announced by the media and on the website

People who are winners will be notified directly to the address, telephone number or email listed on the identification envelope. Those participants, whose trials
are chosen for publication, are obliged to sign the necessary documentation in time will be provided for the purpose of publication.
11. The jury's decision is final.

The prize may be awarded if the jury believes that none of the works presented is of sufficient quality.
The jury is entitled to resolve any issues regarding the assistance that is not specified in these rules.
12. The winning essays will be published in a book by Fomento Cultural Grupo Salinas.

be awarded, plus four cash prizes for a first class open to the public:

First Place: U.S. $ 15.000
Second Place: U.S. $ 10.000
Third Place: , U.S. $ 5.000

And for students of any school that chooses to participate in the second category: First Prize
U.S. $ 3.000

13. Honorable mentions will be awarded without prize money, for testing which in the opinion of the jurors have sufficient quality.
These tests will also be included in the book.
14. Any work that does not comply with the provisions of these rules will be disqualified.
15. Non-winning works will be destroyed.
16) Participation in this competition implies acceptance of these rules. For more information contact: or visit the website www.caminosdelalibertad.comiones allows individuals to try new ways and constantly seek improvement. Incredible


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