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Supposedly the bike low stress: study

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motorcycle and brain stimulation are two concepts that go together, or at least what he says a study that was born in the laboratory Ryuta Kawashima of the Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer Tohoku University (Japan).
The argument is that cognitive functions improve with external stimulation and, in the case of motorcycles, his leadership has positive effects on emotional health, especially in reducing stress.
The aim of these and all studies of the investigating agency is to provide a 'smart aging society', ie that people are able to lead a full and healthy life, even driving vehicles of all types, including motorcycle.
Specifically this research was conducted between 2009 and 2010, where he took into account the cause-effect of driving various types of vehicle and the stimulation of the brain, Over time, after that activity.
found that, unlike the automobile, the motorcycle does contribute to lower stress and is a 'vehicle' for improvement in cognitive function of those who lead.
And, in Colombia? is difficult to imagine that in a country like ours, so cluttered with traffic and high accident rates, moving riders 'de-stress' and brain to become more creative each time they face on our streets and avenues.
The Committee therefore Japanese motorcycle assembly, composed of Auteco (Kawasaki), Fanalca (Honda), Incolmotos (Yamaha) and Suzuki Motor together ahead of education, awareness and contributions in studies and research, to make the bike a safe means of mobility.
said Claudia Ruiz, spokeswoman for the Board, "suitability and responsibility required of users, culture inclusive of all stakeholders, the values \u200b\u200bof respect on the road and safe environments," to make a contribution to mental health which proposes the study of Tohoku University.
companies representing forward specific initiatives such as driving schools, simulators, among others, to develop safe driving techniques that allow the rider to "enjoy the driving experience. "
To handle Sit relaxed ... so you can use your arms to steer the motorcycle rather than trying to hold on to it. In doing so, move forward until your arms are slightly bent when gripping the handlebars.
Firmly grasp the handle to have it firmly, even on rough terrain. Stretch your right wrist so you do not accidentally use the throttle and adjust the handlebars so your hands are at or slightly below their elbows.
Keep your knees beside the gas tank (not press) to help maintain balance in the corners.
Place feet firmly on the supports to maintain the balance of the bike and not towed if it gets caught with something, it can hurt or lose control of the motorcycle.
How wise are you? Article 94 of Law 769 of 2002 provides basic instructions on motorcycle traffic in the city. Do you have in mind?

Do you and your passengers wear reflective vests or jackets?
When transiting in groups with other motorcyclists, do one after the other? Do you often subject
or travel near a larger vehicle you hide from view of drivers passing in the opposite direction?
Would you like to cut road, walking on sidewalks, bike paths and other places for to pedestrian traffic, or for those routes where authorities forbid it?
Do you respect the signals, traffic rules and speed limits?
Would you like overtaking other vehicles on the right or zigzag?
Do you use safety helmets in accordance with the established by the Ministry of Transportation? Helmets
circulating in Colombia
Open (coconut). Is favored by warm weather riders but only protects the top of the skull. It is known as the 'off-fines'.
of motocross. It has a sharp peak and bring not bubble or eye protection. Motorcyclists use it with goggles and masks, uncovered. Integral
. It offers great security to the head and face, because it is closed and is made of very light materials. It is highly recommended by experts. Modular
. The front is hinged and serves on the road (closed) and city (open).
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