Thursday, March 24, 2011

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The car that makes music when running

More Information:

2011 - This is the Mini Carmona, a Clubman with 300 harmonics embedded in its body.
José León Gómez

Mini in New Zealand has created a clever marketing campaign that has as main actor model of the brand with more than than 300 harmonics that adorn its body.
The car that will create music to go through the different areas has caused a sensation and has a lot to talk.
Mini team in the country, developed a web page for the 'Carmen', where users can create their track-based effects that hint at the sounds of the vehicle.
Some samples of tracks that have created the participants can also be accessed through the website.
is a new strategy that seeks possession the car on the market in a way agile, innovative lightweight where he also captivates the new market niches.
page becomes the perfect excuse to spend a good time creating music tracks, and playing with the Mini Carmona.



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