Saturday, March 19, 2011

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The balance between control and flow of life

Author: Macarena Rueda

There are two truths that coexist and even though this may seem to contradict.
One is that we have much more influence on our lives than we think.
Even when we remain unaware of it, are the creators of our experience, defining and giving meaning to everything that happens in it.

Moreover, it is only when we trust in life - something beyond of our understanding - and release the reins of control, we learn to take conscious co-creative role that we do with our environment in the development of our lives. The desire to control every factor in our lives is a reaction based on fear

comes from a lack of confidence in life, belief that we are isolated individuals, separate terminals around us.

According to this way of thinking, everything that happens within us happens in a world that exists simultaneously but no connection to "real world" outside.

In reality there is no division between internal and external.
The separation between the self and the world around him is purely imaginary, the result of false perceptions. The ego is the mental-emotional construction that artificially isolates us from everything we perceive as
'not me'

, and whenever there is an ego through there is a need to impose some control on what most threat:
"neither more nor less than the total that has been spun"

The ego is threatened by all and try to exercise control over their environment to avoid his greatest fear: temporal spectrum evaporate as it is; re-form the homogeneous part of the inseparable whole of existence.
Fear keeps the ego and the ego seeks control. With confidence in life comes a reduction in the level of fear and fewer attempts, therefore, of maneuvers by the ego. With the decrease of ego and his frantic attempts to avoid the exhausting and frightening, naturally increases our confidence, appreciation and gratitude towards life. Fear is the great enemy to defeat, the tyrant who pollutes and makes us march headed down to our death. gradual reduction of the fear that we have is possible with an honest relationship with our own selves and our environment.
trust is critical in life: a vast presence of perfect intelligence that knows and intimately involved in the development of our life.

But mere trust, without experience, will not help.
We must be open to the possibility of a personal relationship between us and life, and prove this relationship. Once
received confirmation after confirmation, we become more confident and learn to let go of the reins of control.

ego tactics before us so clearly are convinced what they are:
. children's stories based on ignorance
. fear-based ignorance
. fear based on false beliefs and poorly explored.

becoming more aware and able to see things as they are without the obstruction of fear, we see the impossible and unnecessary to control everything in our lives.

know that life will take us where we go, and learn to focus our energy on the role that we truly belongs: "The flow with life rather than resisting it ...



cooperation and not domination of our environment.


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