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year long and there are many reasons to continue traveling with always Travel, Literature progress. Always
Travel is a group dedicated to writing, reading and book production and artistic encounters.
Some developments of 2011 are that the -face writing workshops every day, different groups, different ages and proposals, are added Skype workshops, making real the possibility of sharing readings and development in writing beyond the geographical distances.
Evening Tales, the space for the kids, grew up and became the Story Club, for young travelers who want to invent and share stories, to have more activities and monitoring.
literary Our meetings continue to spread the contemporary literature and generating a field of influence.
Lyrics Combined, the cycle which brings together lyrics, music and other arts will be presented on Friday, April 15 Flying Fish, and a week before, by way of advancement, will speak at a sample art in the same place.
Visit traveler is visiting libraries, cultural centers and festivals in the city. On Friday April 1st, we will take our authors' Cultural Cooperation Centre, with advances of the new titles and introducing three books-objects Valijita Collection. In late May, La Pampa we get to venture through various cultural centers and literary cafés.

Traveling our editorial colorful presents new titles in early May. So his two collections grow, Discover -first-author books with Gabriel pecespájaros Kirchuk and flare Eugenia hotel Coiro, and Explore with Transformation Journal Macció Karina, who was awarded the Subsidy Creators Metropolitan Fund. In this way, we received an incentive and a recognition of our editorial work.
addition, Traveling launched in May a new collection Bifida, which opens the book visitor / visitor the Cecilia Maugeri, translated into English by Ben Darlington. Bifida invited to investigate ways of translating literary work simultaneously with the author and the translator.

To schedule not miss these events:
-Traveling Visit: Friday April 1 at 19 at the Cultural Center of Cooperation , Av Corrientes 1543.
-Free Combined: Friday April 15 at 19 Flying Fish, Art Club , Av Córdoba 4379.
Traveling-Editorial Introduction, collection Bifida and New releases: Friday 6 May at 19 in the San Martín Cultural Center , Sarmiento 1551.


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