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"Turn off the lights, turn on the future is the motto of WWF

The Municipality of Córdoba City adheres to the blackout first

will be today between 20.30 and 21.30, as requested by the World Conservation Organization (WWF) which calls for turning off lights in public buildings shops and homes around the world.

ecological Bet.
The poster by organizers to raise awareness about the need to protect the planet.

Under the slogan " Turn off the lights, turn on the future " today between 20.30 and 21.30 the city of Cordoba acceding off their lights for Earth Hour campaign.

For the first After the Municipality of Cordoba joins global initiative officially launched by the World Conservation Organization (WWF). Our country is coordinated by the Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina. From the Department of Environment of the provincial government also joined the initiative.
The campaign aims to raise awareness about the effects of climate change and the impact of human actions on our planet.

In our country, 19 cities in 13 provinces bowed to this initiative. The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Junín, La Plata, Miramar (Buenos Aires), San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, San José de Gualeguaychú (Entre Rios), Mendoza, Rosario (Santa Fe), Simoca (Tucumán), San Carlos de Bariloche (Black River), San Francisco del Monte de Oro (San Luis), Córdoba, Río Cuarto, San Francisco, Dean Funes, Puerto Madryn ( Chubut), Chamical (La Rioja) and the province of Santa Cruz.

our city in celebration of Earth Hour will be held at the Plaza of the Administration.
activities start at 18:30 with a Ecoferia the recycled products and organic food, live music, themed Green, Murga, jugglers and circus arts intervention to generate environmental awareness.
On Twitter. Climbing Mauro Foundation Wildlife, said the commitment of Mayor Daniel Giacomino arisen due to the impact of the social network Twitter. "After writing 'I have to feel bad if the mayor Giacomino, does not answer our request to add to Cordoba in Earth Hour. Help me ask you to pledge, "the mayor replied:" I saw your e-mail and tomorrow I note that you ask me. "
Met and on Wednesday I wrote, "is ready and operational note to turn off the country"

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Freedom philosophy is "why"
In the art ' inspiration "
In politics the "right" - Victor Hugo


Nothing is more evenly distributed than the "why"
Everyone is convinced that "sufficient" - Descartes

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phrases ... The gift of being Argentine

Carlos M.
Reymundo Roberts

It is about a classic that every so often, I unleash my dream, my hope, and that's why I get accused of being an optimist in the pay of Kirchner.
I know, I do not care.

When I look at things that we are living reverberates within me a profound conviction that the world must break through because there go, never to go back.

Let us, for example, the two election days that the country has had.
In Catamarca, democracy stood up to the confrontation Brizuela del Moral, a radical who was Kirchner and now back to the sources, and Corpacci, a Kirchner who teamed with Saadi (his cousins), ie that vote-buying is forget about progress and also returned to the source. Admirable versatility of all, because nothing is less functional than a dogmatic political .

The outcome of this struggle is that the people came out ahead:
Brizuela divided government employment and increases pay, and Corpacci (the Casa Rosada), from roads and housing to books.
Catamarca If a vote every year in a decade would be richer and illustrated that Germany ...

Another interesting aspect is that the people voted against the perpetuation of Brizuela, who was for a third term and then won an alliance with the Saadi, which is perpetuated there more than anyone.
And Corpacci and is calling for continuing Cristina, the eternal.

Julio Cobos, the sacrifice, was all the time by making Brizuela endurance, and ended up eating the shank of defeat. Cobos
Or get you a new tie in the Senate or he too will end up returning to the sources: - "Cristina," in October you do not need a deputy? "

In Chubut fair just to see another Republican who will add a chapter to the history books. Count was less than 300,000 votes more than the $ 100 million in Brazil, but the cause is that they were on the safe and counted one by one.
Fair enough: such was the anxiety to know who was the winner, which some proposed to put the ballots on a scale to see which weighed more.
I know that the three hours that elapsed between the close of polls and early results cast him to roll the darkest suspicions.
All are unfounded: the real reason is that Buzzi, dolphin Governor Das Neves, who was known winner, spent those hours to prepare his rival, Eliceche to defeat. Magnanimous
feared that a quick setback to it plunged into a pit of depression.
Eliceche is true that after the Casa Rosada and all alleged cheating and fraud.
To be submitted to the Justice and requested a recount.
was actually staging, the two sides agreed to take rating Big Brother, that Sunday night grows to 25 points. They got it: even the people who are closer to a strike by dockworkers in Turkmenistan that elections in Chubut stuck to televisions to follow every minute counts infartante, in which the difference between the two Peronist candidates at times was only 300 votes.
Another thing that caught our attention is that, in the XXI century, the figures were not uploaded onto the Internet, as happens today in every election in the world.
also think it made manipulations, irregularities, ballot boxes overturned.
Nothing wrong.
Das Neves, who wants to be president of the Argentine and is in every detail, took the decision to avoid the famous "crashed the system," behind which, we know, lies the most perverse transfer of votes.

How to avoid the dreaded "computer fraud"? Das Neves
solved it: no computer.

The last aspect that fuels my optimism is that Obama went through the region without a foothold in the Argentina.
That speaks to our independence from the great centers of power, it shows that we have our own agenda, that means that we will not kneel to anyone.

In Brazil and Chile, Piñera-Dilma and God knows the amount of concessions that had to do to be included in the tour, "From here we have something to say.

While you will be entertained with this visit, we followed closely the bloody conflict in Libya.
As you shake hands of the man who sends his aircraft to leave a trail of blood in this country, we, through our Foreign Minister solidarizábamos us with Khadafy.

And one last thing, Mrs. Dilma and Mr. Piñera.
Did you have to Obama?
. .. Well
heads: Find out: next week, I confirmed the Foreign Ministry, we will Chavez!

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Four countries denounced corruption in government

WikiLeaks / New Revelations of the State Department cables

upset the U.S., Germany, Spain and Finland, Wayne likened the situation to the era Menem

Hugo Alconada Mon

Careful to the point in his public comments, closed to complaints about alleged corruption in the government piled up in recent years. Both
, officials and diplomats from the United States, Germany, Spain and Finland crossed information on orders of bribes they faced their companies in Argentina, and in some cases, he claimed the Government, as evidenced in eleven cables obtained confidential WikiLeaks and transferred to The Nation.

irregularities have come to the point that U.S. Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne said in February 2008, when Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner took less than two months in office, that the level of official corruption detected appeared to be "as bad or worse than [Carlos] Menem, who was reviled and suspected launched the privatization process.

"In the oil sector, two old friends of Nestor Kirchner has won a lot of concessions offered publicly," exemplified Wayne.
alluding to Lazaro Baez and Christopher Lopez, who stayed with 14 of the 15 awarded by Santa Cruz oil in March 2007.
"The bidding rules are designed so that they win," said Washington.

Before, while Kirchner concluded his presidency, Wayne had sent another warning about the practices identified in certain government offices.

"In an almost perverse, when the Argentine government officials are constantly told that" no money to do in Argentina ', perhaps the real message is that, yes, there's money to make, provided you know how, and who - actually "doing business" in Argentina. "

The then German ambassador Rolf Wolf Schumacher, provided another specific experience of what it called "widespread corruption."
explained that the president of a Germanic "went to the Minister of Planning Federal, Julio De Vido, to complain because one of his seconds had asked for a bribe and refused CEO.
Instead of indignation and demand an explanation to your partner or file a criminal complaint or even promise an internal investigation to the executive Teutonic , said Schumacher, "De Vido showed no interest in obtaining the name of the officer involved and, instead, he advised the CEO to film and record the next order of bribe

A Finnish diplomat and a senior official of the English government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero provided similar views on what was observed in Buenos Aires.
Meeting with the then head of the government United States for the Americas, and current ambassador to Brazil, Tom Shannon, the secretary general of the English Presidency, Bernardino Leon, expressed "concern" about the "populist tone" of the Argentine government and its "level of corruption", as arises from the report that sent the American charge in Madrid, Hugo Llorens, in May 2008.

Leon said the Casa Rosada.
said there was "complicated people and movements" around the president Kirchner.
And according Llorens, "suggested that some live in the old adage that" a poor politician is a poor politician ""

"High levels"

Eight months earlier, the charge d'affaires of the Finnish Embassy with jurisdiction in Argentina and Uruguay, Petra Theman said corruption as the reason for the conflict by the paper that opened the diplomatic standoff between Montevideo and Buenos Aires , signed by Botnia.
Theman said the Argentina-and Entre Rios, in particular, had sought to bring the paper into its territory, but that "highly corrupt" local, "compared to the much lower in Uruguay" was one of the factors those who chose to settle investments across the border river. Three

months after the encounter with Theman, when in December 2008, Siemens admitted to the U.S. justice bribery or violation of its accounting records in several countries around the world, including Argentina, Wayne reported to the departments of State, Treasury and Commerce, among other recipients, that the administration "CFK" had not profited from the events to load the inks on Menem and corruption during the 90's.
This "reluctance" Wayne felt he could answer the "widespread suspicion that all is not completely well in the bidding process current-and prior-government."

To leave no doubt on its interpretation of the official silence, he added:
"Official corruption in Argentina it is not for a former government [by Menem] or a wing of the Peronist, and too much attention on the Siemens case may fear [ within the government] that could encourage the public to demand a revision even bigger and broader contracts "signed by Kirchner.

By then, the scandal of the bag with Guido Alejandro Antonini Wilson and Claudio Uberti as players returned to the scene with the arrest of four "agents" Venezuelans in Florida.
But unlike the suspicion that the $ 800,000 of the bag was for the campaign President Fernandez de Kirchner that surfaced during the trial in Miami, to Wayne "was probably to an agreement under the table."
The reason, he reasoned, was that "she had a lot of money flowing from various sources in the country, including the government," something, in turn, allowed by election laws. SUSPECTED


Between 2005 and 2010, the State Department cables on Argentina reported complaints and allegations of corruption across countries on local

U.S. Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne, September 2007: "In an almost perverse, when officials Argentine government constantly told that "no money to do in Argentina ', perhaps the real message is that, yes, there's money to make, provided you know how, and who" really "do business" in Argentina "

Ambassador Rolf Schumacher Wolf, February 2008: "The CEO of a company Germanic went to the Federal Planning Minister Julio De Vido, to complain because one of his seconds had asked for a bribe and refused CEO . De Vido showed no interest in obtaining the name of the officer involved and instead recommended to the CEO to film and record the next order of bribery. "
Secretary General of the Presidency, Bernardino Leon, May 2008: "English companies in the Argentina were concerned about the populist tone of the Government, political polarization and the level of corruption. There are people and movements" complicated "about the Chair. He suggested that some live in the old adage that "a poor politician is a poor politician."
Finland Chargé
, Petra Theman, September 2007: "Theme discussed some of the reasons why Botnia Uruguay selected for the plant [.]. He mentioned the widely cited high levels of corruption in the province of Entre Ríos and Argentina in general, compared to much lower in Uruguay "

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SALINAS Group announces the Sixth Competition Essay:" Paths to Freedom "

Freedom is one of the most important assets available to us humans.
have no doubt a enormous practical utility.
A greater security and greater prosperity.
The ability to make SALINAS GROUP

summons the Sixth Essay Contest "Roads to Freedom"
"Freedom does not make men happy, makes them simply men"

Manuel Azana

Freedom is the fundamental human right, but efforts to limit have become systematic in the contemporary world.
Many oppose freedom for the sake of so-called "collective rights", believing that the end justifies the means.
If individual freedom is limited, they say, can provide greater prosperity to the community.
Historical experience indicates, however, that respect for personal freedom is not just the only way to preserve human dignity, but also the most effective way to build a more prosperous society. Therefore
, and the need to foster discussion around the theme of freedom, Grupo Salinas has decided to convene the Sixth
Essay Contest "Roads to Freedom"


1. Participation in this contest anywhere authors world.
2. The works submitted must be written in English and be totally original and unpublished.
should not be involved simultaneously in any other contest.
not be used other original adaptations.
3. Freedom must be the subject of the essay.

The winning works will be those that better analyze the contrast with other "rights" that conflict with it or promote and disseminate it.
be taken into account trials offering proposals to expand the options of freedom in contemporary societies or showing examples of success and failure in implementing this right.
4. Each contestant can participate with the number of books you want.
5. The work must have a length of between 5.250 and 14.000 words (15 to 40 pages or sheets, or 33.000 and 88.000 characters with spaces)

may be submitted in print on paper, with a spacing of one and a half or two spaces, in which case they must be accompanied by a CD.
also be sent by email.
In these cases must be submitted in Microsoft Word, using Arial 12.
6. The works should be signed with a pseudonym, which appear on the cover or first page with the title.
He sent, in the same package of work, a sealed envelope with a sheet to be recorded under the pseudonym, the title essay, the author's full name, address, occupation, telephone number, e-mail address and a brief biographical sketch.
In the same about the contestant attached a document with the following:
"The undersigned (name of contestant) certify that the author of the work (Title) which is submitted to the contest Highway freedom.

also undertakes to provide support at any time and documents needed to defend
in case of dispute, the originality of the work, and where appropriate, to take into harmless , Grupo Salinas of any dispute arising relating to this work.

The author gives his consent and authorization for the work can be published in a book, and can be transmitted and broadcast without limitation, transmitted, published, edited, fixed in any material form, which allow the work to be publicly accessible through any communication or material basis for any existing or known or unknown or developed in the future, by any means, for any purpose without restriction and without generate a payment on behalf of the author "

This certification must be signed by the author
For works sent by email, please send an envelope with the data and
this document signed.
7. The works and envelopes with information on author was sent to the following address:

Contest "Roads to Freedom"
4121 South Loop

CP 14141 Colonia Fuentes del Pedregal

Tlalpan 14141 Mexico, DF Mexico

or Works can also be sent by email to the following address:

8. This call will run from today until April 30, 2011.
Papers submitted by mail or parcel shall be the date recorded as a limit on the postmark or the documentation.
9. The composition of the jury will remain secret until publication of the ruling.
10. Competition results will be announced by the media and on the website

People who are winners will be notified directly to the address, telephone number or email listed on the identification envelope. Those participants, whose trials
are chosen for publication, are obliged to sign the necessary documentation in time will be provided for the purpose of publication.
11. The jury's decision is final.

The prize may be awarded if the jury believes that none of the works presented is of sufficient quality.
The jury is entitled to resolve any issues regarding the assistance that is not specified in these rules.
12. The winning essays will be published in a book by Fomento Cultural Grupo Salinas.

be awarded, plus four cash prizes for a first class open to the public:

First Place: U.S. $ 15.000
Second Place: U.S. $ 10.000
Third Place: , U.S. $ 5.000

And for students of any school that chooses to participate in the second category: First Prize
U.S. $ 3.000

13. Honorable mentions will be awarded without prize money, for testing which in the opinion of the jurors have sufficient quality.
These tests will also be included in the book.
14. Any work that does not comply with the provisions of these rules will be disqualified.
15. Non-winning works will be destroyed.
16) Participation in this competition implies acceptance of these rules. For more information contact: or visit the website www.caminosdelalibertad.comiones allows individuals to try new ways and constantly seek improvement. Incredible

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Cities for cycling traffic jams occur

More Information:

know any of the cities that have promoted this activity as a means of transportation or recreation.
Promote bicycle use as a banner leads, in some countries, the care of the environment, physical activity and a transportation alternative even more fun. ;
Following this trend, we present a list of cities have promoted the use of this medium Transport and recreacción.
The capital of the Netherlands has specialized and well-marked lanes to get to know from head to toe .
With an amount that depends on the type of bike you choose and identification, can rent and use your personal transportation anywhere in this city. Barcelona
In this city there are many companies offering bicycle tours. The "Bicing" is a public service for the rental of bicycles.
"Other European Cities as Berlin, Copenhagen, Prague and Paris "are also recognized by the space and the importance we give this alternative transportation. In each there are specific places to acquire them and return them.
New York
The most populous city in the United States has spent more than 40 kilometers of bicycle paths to go it on wheels .
This way you can go around and meet Manhattan or Central Park. In this city there guided bike tours lasting approximately two hours . Bogotá
More than one million people in this city enjoy the bike paths on Sunday walks. They close the main streets of the city for the exclusive use of skates, bicycles or any other recreational activity.
"The cycle ride Wednesday" is another option to ride a bike and get into the city at night .
Bogotá also offers its population and visitors bike taxis service.
Buenos Aires
The capital of Argentina used the program "Best in Bike" with which you can visit the Barrio de San Telmo, Parque Lezama and reach the neighborhood of La Boca and La Bombonera stadium of Boca Juniors, Caminito and the Port.
"Museum Mile" is a tour that you can perform on wheels for the city's cultural spaces. The journey is calculated in 48 hours or three days each visitor as desired.
Santiago de Chile
As in Bogotá, t ll Sunday in this city are devoted to cycling, with the "Cycle RecreoVía" miles of streets are closed to vehicular passage from 9:00 am to 14:00 pm.
On any other day of the week can make use of bicycle paths or if you prefer, internarte in "The Green Bicycle" one of the most famous cycle-tours of Santiago.
Rio de Janerio

This capital also created a bicycle rental system.
The SAMBA project (Alternative Mobility Solution for Bikes for hire) consists of a network of bike stations where you do use this means of transport or recreation.
After the crisis of the 90 in Cuba popularized the use of bicycles as transportation , dedicating specialized routes for cyclists. This journey includes
the Malecon, one of the most attractive streets in Havana.

Federal District
Mexico City has also pioneered the use of bicycles through recreational projects such as "Move on bike," Sunday walks including tours of the city center.
The route from Reform to the Historical Center and the Villa has an area of \u200b\u200b24 kilometers .
The City also offers bike rentals at specific points in the city.


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diseases of the head and heart

More Information:

When a person is driving in a traffic jam as those living in Mexico City, Beijing, Sao Paulo and, especially, Bogota, health risks increase dramatically.
Some partial studies on trafficking in the capital indicate that an average citizen loses 72 minutes a day because of traffic jams. Of course, the range is from 30 minutes to four hours.
During this time people are not only required to remain still, in the same position and exposed to loud noises and polluting materials, also high levels of stress and anxiety.
Juan Vicente Conde, vice president of the Colombian Society of Occupational Medicine, insists that while all persons subject to traffic jams are affected, studies show that musculoskeletal problems have risen.
To get an idea of \u200b\u200bthe impact, just read the results of a study by the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany), published two years ago in 'Circulation'.
This showed that exposure to contaminated environments such as highways promotes hardening of the arteries and increases the risk of heart attacks.
The psychiatrist Rodrigo Córdoba, president of the Colombian Association of Scientific Societies, said the impact on people's emotional health may be greater, "although it is difficult to quantify, one can say that the emotional distress because of the traffic Heavy have increased. "
Although there are disputes among persons who are transported in private vehicles and those using mass transit, it is known that, in general, all body organs may be compromised when traffic jam conditions are suffering every day.
These conditions are much more severe in elderly or other health problems.
effects from head to foot Head
Persons subject to limit emotional situations explode because their levels of frustration tolerance decrease in the middle of traffic jams, this creates unexpected behaviors such as aggression, which is expressed orally or physical. Ears
The traffic jams generate noise above 65 decibels; exposed more than two hours a day to them raises the risk of progressive loss of hearing. It also generates auditory fatigue, which can cause headaches, irritability and increase in hormones such as adrenaline (which increases blood pressure and heart rate). Eyes
Contact with waste combustion and particulate matter cause eye irritation and eyestrain. The surge of adrenalin in the body, emotional stress can cause dilated pupils and, consequently, alter, at moments, the ability to focus visual. Nose

Daily exposure (and accumulated) to irritants like smoke, the particulate material and construction waste can trigger or exacerbate allergic problems such as rhinitis, leading to increased mucous secretion and itching.
neck and shoulder postures and stress increases muscle tension, this can cause spasms that occur with pain, abnormal posturing (to counteract the discomfort) and general malaise.
upper respiratory Inhaling airborne substances can irritate these pathways, especially the larynx, trachea and bronchi. This may manifest with dysphonia, cough, increased bronchial secretions and respiratory congestion.
lower airways and lungs in susceptible individuals (such as asthma), exposure to these pollutants can exacerbate the allergic process and cause obstruction of the bronchioles. The prolongation of this situation may complicate symptoms of pneumonia and infectious processes.
Heart Stress increases production of hormones that activate the cardiovascular system, raising heart rate and blood pressure. In people with premorbid conditions may trigger complications. In extreme cases can lead to arrhythmia or decompensation. Low back
fixed postures for a long time cause the muscles of the lumbar dorsal and having contractions, which are manifested by severe spasms and pain. This can exacerbate problems in the vertebrae, the intervertebral discs and nerve roots that emerge from them.
Kneeling hip and ankle joints that remain fixed for a long time may have contractures and contractures that occur with pain increases in some inflammatory processes, such as arthritis, or degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis. All are painful.
Veins The stillness of congestion, given the reduction of blood return, which may promote inflammation of the veins and blood clotting in them. Bladder
In people with infectious, mechanical, including incontinence and inflammatory, such as prostatitis (which require evacuation for short periods), stay in the same place and position becomes an unmanageable situation. The same occurs in people with incontinence or irritable bowel.
Advice: specialists of the Colombian Association of Occupational Health, Colombian Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Colombian Association and scientific societies.


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Carlos Santana - Soul Sacrifice (Woodstock - 1969) Tommy Emmanuel

drum solo by 20 yr old boy! Michael Shrieve

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The shortness of the Court

If heart and nerves and muscles and put
commitment to service only the highest ideal
and stand the test because no clear hope
giving an example of stubborn and fiery desire
Rudyard Kipling (Joan of Ibarbourou)

The only political fact of Mr. Nestor, RIP, unanimously recognized as positive during the whole of the opposition, is the integration of an independent Supreme Court and qualified.
That it was made using the method to expel anti-republican, plain and simple, the former minister, was considered by the entire society as a venial sin, covered by the personal virtues of those who now compose it, despite its acceptance of implied consent charges and validate these harmful procedures.

While some rulings have contradicted the governing policy since 2003 to date (vgr., pension adjustments, distribution of advertising), it is impossible not to notice that the country's Supreme Court has adopted a practice which, at least can be described as timid, when to enforce its decisions.

The Supreme Court seems to have forgotten, leaving the altar of an alleged political peace shreds of personal prestige of its members, who heads one of the three branches of government and as such can not tolerate another one like it, be allowed ignore their constitutional role and also to demonstrate it.

Perhaps the most emblematic case is that of Attorney Sosa, who was fired by Kirchner, then provincial governor, in a blatant violation of the Constitution of Santa Cruz. The Court has ruled ever since, no fewer than three times ordered the reinstatement of Dr. Sosa in office, but all successors who inherited the chair of Rio Gallegos ignored such decisions. And the Court has done nothing, really, about it.

Last year, the crisis in Central Bank reserves that ended with the resignation of Martin Redrado his presidency and the subsequent looting of the same by the executive branch, had as one of the chapters in this tragic farce of the unusual prosecution and police personnel don the judge Animal Fernández Sarmiento. And the Court did not react.

When the same animals ordered the Federal Police did not comply with a court order expressly referred to the evacuation of the headquarters of the air navigators guild by pro-government thugs, the Court did nothing and let it go.

In recent months, following the occupation American Indian Park, Executive Branch again ignored direct orders of the judges, however, the Court did not react or filed criminal charges against the officials responsible.

situation still remains the usurpation, by a very organized miserable, you have removed the housing allocated to other miserable.
Quilmes A federal judge on behalf of the Supreme Court itself, repeatedly ordered the Federal Police to vacate the premises, nor the security minister nor the chief of staff obeyed the order, and the Court did not regard, reaction.

Don Hugo Moyano Truck showed his seditious proceeding, calling for a national strike and a march in Plaza de Mayo, to extort the government.
Thus, the mere announcement and contemporary threats, committed a crime.
The Court also said the matter was not, as it should, by default of executive officials, made the relevant criminal complaint. That
Kirchner has made a mess with no documented institutional history is nothing new, but it is this Court, his most relied upon and valued, abdicate their authority and their obligations, leaving the citizens left to the whim Two successive presidents, as demonstrated ad infinitum, made and unmade at will.

Nor is a minor fact the subject of this Court frank complicity with the executive branch in relation to trials against military and civilians imprisoned without trial, for many years, a situation that has already cost the lives of more than hundred of them.

The judiciary, headed and commands, has allowed the retroactive application of laws, ignorance of the basic principles of the presumption of innocence, legality and the previous law, and the validity of a quite vicious and eyed Justice , which enables those who planted bombs and deaths to Argentina to take today, with impunity, the highest offices of state administration and compensated with public money to murderers of soldiers, civilians and policemen, while held in prisons hundreds of people get infected simply because, in most cases, having worn a uniform of the country and ignore the innocent victims of these young idealists who sowed terror and dead nationwide.

The Supreme Court of the Nation is so, try to sing, an accomplice in the destruction of the Republic, almost infanticide, since its revival dates back to 1983, ie, scarce twenty-eight.

it is unable to think of a future without Justice.
This is so, so essential to the concept Republicans and water for the existence of life.

To justify this assertion just think that a serious and independent Justice end the impunity that has allowed corruption levels in Argentina have been transformed into veritable genocide, would restore the validity of the statistical agencies of control, prevent the abuses to which the parliamentary majority circumstantial we are accustomed, would respect the freedom of press and information.

In short, would enforce laws and contracts and, with that simple spring, would restore legal certainty no longer exists and would require that the budgets for education, health and housing were reversed as appropriate, avoiding the usual diversions into the pockets of officials responsible for implementation.

Naturally, with the help of legal, investment quickly return the country so desperately needs and, at the hands of law enforcement, also greatly reduce the large current concern of the public-insecurity, because criminals of all stripes would be serving their sentences in prisons.

In this election period, when as I have said many times, it is essential that the issue of justice becomes a priority of state policy, and all opposition, whatever its political hue, to commit to it.

Thus, Argentina may be worthy, indeed, the word Republic is now only holds in its official name.

I hope against hope that this becomes a reality.

Buenos Aires, March 24, 2011

Guillermo Enrique Avogadro
E.mail: E.mail