Monday, March 21, 2011

Pokemon Chaos Black Character

March 21 - Beginning of Fall in the Southern Hemisphere

We are in Autumn!

I, personally, I'm glad.
And I'm happy for the simple reason that I love this station.
is that the summer and spring constantly fighting to be the favorite of people, as winter is likely to be the least dear.
Autumn, however, is there.
not shine favorite because masses of people, not by large indices of "hate"
Although there who do not like because his arrival meant the end of summer and, consequently, the return to routine.

But whatever they say, and despite knowing that the majority of the society prefers the flowers and sunny days, I'll take the fall.
just fascinates me the number of colors that nature offers.
landscapes become a pleasure to behold, and the trails are lined with trees become soft carpets of brown, yellow and red.

Since childhood I have a small hobby with this season, rather it is a constant temptation, I can never avoid, it is stepping on dry leaves and listening to creak.
But sobe all, sink my feet in the litter and be able to witness how the leaves on the trees, each a different color, they fall slowly to alight on the ground.

I think the fall has a magic that no other stations ...
It does neither hot nor cold, the sun's rays are appreciated, and the chilly air makes us covered with a thin jacket.

simply ... I love fall. Sandra


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