Monday, March 21, 2011

Tablets That Kill You

If you hurt me, do not take into account ...

Monday second week Lent.

we be filling our lives, not the criteria and judgments of God, but of ours.
Author: P. Cipriano Sánchez LC
Scripture speaks of that have committed iniquity, who have done bad things, but constantly, Scripture tells us how our hearts must learn to turn to God our Lord, how our hearts must go making, and how there can be no dimension of our life is turned away from the encounter with God our Lord.
Thus it is important to convert and change our work is profoundly important that we also change ourselves.
Scripture speaks of the ability to be merciful, not to judge, not condemn and forgive.
This that we could be something very simple, it is that if I did damage, I do not take into account what it requires of the soul a very different attitude, an attitude of profound transformation.
a transformation that necessarily must begin with the purification, for the conversion of our intelligence.
many times is the way we interpret life, the way in which we "read"
life that causes us to sin, making us away from God.
many times is our behavior: what we say or do.
many times is simply our will: the things we want.
many times our sins and our alienation from God is because, in the depths of our soul, there is a genuine love for the truth!
A love of truth that is able to pass over us, to be able to question, to constantly purify and transform our criteria, the judgments that we made, the thoughts that people have built.
many times, sadly, is the lack of a genuine love of truth that makes us walk the paths of selfishness and the ways that we are hiding from God.
And many times, the search God for each of our souls is through to illuminate our intellect, our ability to judge, so you can change your life.
How difficult is to change a life when the eyes are closed, when the light of understanding not to recognize where the good and where is the evil which path to follow and which is to be avoided !
One of the jobs that the soul must dare to do is to question whether their views and judgments about people, things and situations are the criteria and the judgments that I have to be as what the gospel mark me as what God is calling me.
But this is very difficult because every time I do, every time we touch the conversion and the purification of our minds, we realize we're playing the way in which we see life, including sometimes the way in which we have structured our lives.
And God comes and tells you that you have to change it yet.
than with a measure with which you measure it, you will be measured to you
. that the way in which you judge the life and
structures. the way in which you understand your existence in the same way going to be judged and understood, because the way in which we see life the same way in which life sees us.
This is very serious, because if we go through life with eyes and intelligence are not the eyes or the intelligence of God, life is returning to us a way of acting that is not God's.
We will not be able to see exactly how God our Lord is willing to act on this person, this thing or this for our sanctification.
"With the same measure that you measure, you will be measured"
If you can not open an intelligence measure what God asks, if you can not measure with a luminous intelligence situations around you, if you push yourself you can not see the truth and what God wants to sanctify your soul in all things which are next to you, that measure is being applied, at that very moment, your soul.
How important is that we learn to purify our minds, to question the judgments we make of people and things, or at least, to constantly confront them with God our Lord, to see if we are mistaken or to see what God our Lord wants us to get to that particular situation in which he is putting us.
But many times what we do with God, not seeing what He wants us to say, but simply what I mean.
And this is a tremendous risk that takes us far from the true conversion, that keeps us very seriously about the transformation of our life because it is through the way in which we see our existence and see the circumstances around us where we be filling our lives, not God's criteria, not the judgments of God, but our criteria and our judgments.
Also, sadly, the paint as if they were from God our Lord, and then yes we are lost, because we have within the soul a number of criteria that we judge to be of God, but they really are our own criteria.
Here there that we could apply the tremendous sentence of our Lord in the Gospel:
"Woe to you, blind guides, who do not see, and leading the others are going to where they should not! "
is also very serious
phrase Christ
" If you have to be light in you is darkness, what will not be your darkness? "
The conversion of our intelligence, the transformation of our criteria and our trials is a way we also have to be daring to do during Lent.
And what is the way, what is the possibility for this transformation?
Christ himself tells us:
"Give and you shall receive ..."
Keep your mind always open, always ready keep everything inside to shop, so that God really can give to God our Lord may come to you, you can reach your soul and then travel transforming everything that has to change.
is a road, a job, is an effort that also requires us to Lent.
not neglect, on the contrary, do every day of Lent a day if all of us question what we have inside us is really from God.
us ask Christ
How I can do to see more?
How I can do to meet with you anymore?
Faith is the road.
May we apply our faith to our whole life through purification of our intelligence, so that in all circumstances, any person can find what God wants to give our Lord for our personal sanctification.


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