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How to increase power and performance

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A chip your car will be turned into a real racing car and custom engine.
few years ago if you wanted more power and torque in an engine, you should rely only on mechanical changes. Today additionally can replace a single chip inside the computer that operates the electronic engine management , remove the drive to achieve more horsepower and torque, which ultimately become a vehicle current street, in an asphalt-eating beast.
Modern vehicles do most of its functions by one or more computers. What interests us now is the ECU (Engine Control Unit) is responsible that the optimum engine performance in all working conditions and factory which brings a Chip, developed by engineers each of the brands to achieve more accurate and efficient operation of the engine in every use and demand on the street or on the road. Types
Chips - Generic: are used for standard cars without modifications. To develop the engineers have taken into account to achieve increased engine power and torque, measured on a dynamometer, the lowest possible fuel consumption, among others.
- Modified: are also known as Custom and scheduled according to the specific changes made to the motor which is mounted, are very common in car or track claims and even sports cars armored vehicles, extra weight to be moved.
For more power and torque (and therefore faster) are developed or Custom Modified Chips will work according to the physical changes have been made in the mechanical aspects of motor vehicle as: system escape, changes in the shaft or cam shafts, installation of high, turbo or supercharger, or even nitrous oxide, to obtain the best performance of a motor and modified.
With a modified chip can earn between 10 and 20 percent power in a naturally aspirated engine, this gain is higher in the engines on food, we speak of the turbo charged and super charged, which can reach figures up to 30 percent more horsepower and torque.
What to consider when modifying a
Chip Chip To modify you can work on bringing the vehicle or replace it with a new one containing the changes or have already been changed by an expert. Some people prefer the second option, retain the original and use it in the future. Remember
buy their parts in trusted sites. In the case of the chips, there are manufacturers and distributors that sell good quality items specific to your vehicle. not set both price and quality of components.

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