Monday, March 21, 2011

Vancouver Cruising Spots

Former pacifist

Peter Pan Dress commander in chief.
End of the line, Mr. President, this power was also IGNACIO CAMACHO

Source: ALL President has his war, they say.
Zapatero and Obama already have theirs as they had Aznar and Bush junior, and before Gonzales and Bush senior, is the bitter side of politics, power hemlock.
happens that in the personality and the curriculum of the avatar war Zapatero squeaks because the president himself made a portrait of a stubborn pacifist, a conscientious objector, a late child of flower power, an Armani dress Gandhi.

And it has been sheathed, sheathed his sword as a champion social and protectionist, as coolly pragmatic feminist that liquidated its commitment of the Ministry of Equality.

In a perfect world, in the Country Never Never Land, suffice good intentions and rhetoric of intentions to prevail pazzzzzzz endless craving.

In the real world, messy, rough, disagreeable, hostile, peace and justice-and oil-sometimes require the support of some bombers and Peter Pan have to put on pants uniform of commander in chief.

Zapatero For entry into the reality, the policy in their late teens, almost his farewell match.
A sinister wink History returns in the reverse position to the starting point, become, as the shoe Elia Kazan, the ruling class that had seven years ago fought.

Zapatero will go because you can not continue on the back transformed himself.
not now, when more is wrong, but on the contrary, his self-destruction has taken place to start doing some of what he owed.
In economic policy, nuclear strategy, in international partnerships, has led in recent times under a breath of relative sanity.
Forced by events, yes.
counter to his proclamations, yes.
Guided only by the desire to stay in power, yes.

That's the problem could be deconstructed and relinquished it did because it meant giving up and confess a failure.
Now you have to go anyway: failed, bad credit and surrounded by a contradiction so obvious that it has shredded his public image.
But the fundamental error was that of principle, that of Adam, of frivolity, of the inconsistency, the conceit of a fool out of nowhere. Today

could happen, in abstraction from the recent past, by a leader as bad as anyone else. Projected on his own portrait, appears as an unprincipled politician able to walk without remorse in the opposite direction of their tracks.

Perhaps even he could expect his deconstruction ended up in the go-ahead to a MISSILE. Your name linked
the sinister military slang, the words "fetish of the language of war: tomahawks, aircraft, bombing.
In the Via Crucis of pragmatism has reached the last station.

End of the line, Mr. President ... "The power was also this"


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