Friday, March 18, 2011

How Do You Cure Yellow Eyes

designed his own car to face the traffic jams Tips

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With the works, mobility in Bogota is difficult. Learn to control your temper.

By car, taxi or bus, walk the streets of the capital is becoming a nightmare.
For this reason, William Pedraza, director of Road Safety Management of Department of Mobility makes general recommendations. advises such publication be aware of the different closures and detours on the official website of the Secretariat ; or check the media. "This way you can plan your trips in advance and avoid headaches," says Pedraza.
is appropriate, he said, out earlier than usual, since during the works may that travel time increase. Finally it suggests to use alternate routes to the main and ensures that use the whistle does not make cars run faster traffic lights change. In short, breathe deeply and listen to music can help you not to stress.
With patience and control Get on your cart in good spirits. Finally every day makes the same route and knows what to expect.
Without aggressive route and stress Pitar people does not help the traffic more fluid. Achieved only enervate the mind of others. TransMilenio
the seventh Although works of the Seventh were suspended, there are strong traffic jams, like the 26, especially during peak hours. So if you can, avoid using the car at that hour. ALEXANDRA



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