Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gold Price In Mustafa

more than it appears Jeep is 70 years old

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Use inline 5-cylinder engine, 2.5 liters of 170 horsepower. Provides between 56 and 66 million pesos . See sheet here.
Almost simultaneously with its world premiere, Volkswagen will sell the new Jetta in Colombia. It is a car that closes the marriage confusing Jetta-Bora that had been given the diversity of models that occurred in Argentina, Mexico and Germany as the entire world production now focuses on this vehicle comes from Mexico, which now play as the fifth factory in Colombia for the treatment of zero tariffs covering their products.

The new car as it is, from beginning to end. Platform, body, engine, dimensions and even the price come together in a fundamentally new family sedan, whose dimensions and appearance ranked above the average range in which it competes, priced between 56 and 66 million pesos, depending on the equipment.

is as long as it measures 4.6 meters but the whole package of the body is very well done as the ratio of the lines, seriousness and discretion-perhaps excessive-give grandeur and elegance, and definitely a "Look" purely European. That is the philosophy of this car which uses a very neutral development, which can move smoothly to any taste and market in the world. We found a vehicle
extremely broad, functionally designed, clearly familial vocation, well equipped, made without proper materials exempted from good use of plastics in the interior and a huge trunk. That's what the customer needs more looking toy car acceleration.

The motor is a 2.5 liter 170 horsepower, with the curiosity that is an inline five-cylinder machine, known in the VW group. Obviously this gives a unusual number of valves, they are 20, to feed and let the machine breathe turn modest 6,000 rpm in top authorized. The torque is good, 24.5 kg / m but there is a bit up in the tachometer, according to the tab at 4,250 laps. 1,464 kilos for having the vehicle on the scale, gives an account of 8.6 kilos per horsepower, which is on the side of the positive. In contrast, the consumption is quite high, as we measure it at 22.5 miles in city and highway use with the version of the case of six out automatically. Anyway, you have to take into account that is a big engine for its displacement.

The map of the machine is consistent with the purpose truck as the power delivery is very linear, with no sudden bursts of horsepower and that translates into a stylish ride, well managed by the case of six changes "Tiptronics" and automatically we had for the test and you can switch, as request, with a manual five relations forward in the basic model called Trendline.

On that same line of march suspensions are very elegant, smooth, quiet, wide path that pass over the bad spot with no complaints. They put the floor on 205/55 tires and 16 inch wheels but the Confortline, more rubber, 225/45 in 17 inch rims. The driving feel is a direction very fast, agile response generated from nose to rudder commands and the power profile, weight and horsepower, the car has no problems with support. Although contingency skater is the traction control standard on all models, like ABS and electronic delivery of the braking pressure. Another difference between the two ranges is that the core comes with disc brakes and hood and luxurious Confortline to discs at all four corners.
The difference between the two lines is not great because of series elements are electrically operated opening roof, the scouts, two airbags, bluetooth all the functions to use the phone hands-free through the car stereo and automatic voice commands to dial, two height adjustable front seats and the radio with a pretty good multi-touch screen and connectivity to external sources such as USB, iPod and MP3.

If you decide on the high side, he will deliver two additional side airbags in the front seats, cruise control and trip computer, an imitation leather upholstery fabric instead, commands the radio and phone in rudder, a central armrest in the back seat and wheels 17, in the most notable.

With the ability to move up the model range from clothing that follows after sale, this makes VW Jetta around the truck sector emerging and mid-range, with the difference that the dimensions, engine capacity and its appearance is perfectly valid to have it as an alternative to cars as a Ford Fusion, Mazda 6 and the like.
current follows the Jetta's family will continue to sell alongside the new model and forms a staircase full of choices, as they start at the 39.5 up to 54.9 million pesos for the 1.8 turbocharged with all the toys, which is the point at which starts the car being launched. But the difference between the two generations of vehicles is very noticeable by which all valid is closer to that name. From then on, nothing will appear. Touchscreen
The radio and multimedia commands are in the center console and are characterized by a beautiful and functional touch screen from which the whole system and program displays a menu of stations with identity and frequency . The air conditioning temperature is calibrated to default cabin but do not separate the zones. The leather steering offers good grip and the docility of the car seen in the slow rotation of the wheel for
maneuvers. Back
the Cross Fox
After being absent for quite a while for the windows, VW brings back the Cross Fox, a vehicle sports was the creator of this category of machines in Brazil and then emulate their competitors. The Cross Fox has some exterior changes to the model that had been previously sold and used the 1.6-liter engine. We offered 46 million pesos in the entire network of VW in the country. PHRASES

The new Jetta line is designed to operate in all markets which is very serious and straightforward. parties only aerodynamic front bomp it out of context of a highly functional and highly sedan comfortable, with generous interior spaces.
All wheel bolts nuts bring a special security to prevent theft.
If the cabin is large and comfortable, the trunk is even more generous in size and ease of access. It's a real cellar proportional to the occupants that may be.



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