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Two in one: a car and a motorcycle unique design in one package

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design company Deco Rides created this 'combo' called Deco Liner & Deco Scoot. The first is a customized 1939 Lincoln sedan that carries within it a Harley Sportster 1992.

Deco Rides A company that customizes different types of cars and motorcycles, took three years to complete this project that started in early 2008.
The work he did with the Lincoln of 1939 involved the modification of the transmission and the design of a new transmission the front axle.
sedan's body, looking like a truck, was formed mostly of fiberglass in an impressive craftsmanship in casting and painting.
To make room for the motorcycle was also repaired the floor and installed an aluminum ramp and electrical drives at the rear of the vehicle to raise it on board.
Color is an essential part of his style. In addition to all the cover, inside there is a futuristic and chrome steering wheel with illuminated speedometer as purplish. Even until the engine has details on that color, as the case of air filter. Over five
artists were involved in the development of this vehicle that included the application of a panel-type door in the back of the body and work hand in many of its metal and chrome.
When the bike is in, amounts to be inserted between the two bucket type front seats and the front bumper acts as a central armrest.
Both devices are priced at $ 100 000, about 200 million pesos.

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