Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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Top 10 best-selling car brand in Colombia

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So far this year sales reached a record high of 46,298 units sold compared to 31,661 the same period in 2010.
Chevrolet, Renault and Hyundai Top List of sales with new models and promotions that make it the perfect excuse to brand new car.
Last year was record sales of new cars, the outlook is increasingly encouraging and restrictive measures as the peak and have driven the sector plate crashing also affecting the used market.
Different brand promotions, the price of the dollar and the confidence of financial institutions have helped to consolidate the figures and therefore the market.
For the first time we see a brand listed China undoubtedly reflects the confidence that some have gradually been gaining these vehicles leaving stigma against playing in the minds of consumers.
These are the 10 brands most Colombians seek when buying a new car:
1. Chevrolet sold 15,743 units so far this year
2. Renault sold 6,582 units
3. Hyundai sold 4,225 units
4. Kia sold 3,807 units
5. Nissan 3,247 units sold
6. Toyota sold 2,508 units
7. Mazda sold 2,021 units
8. Ford sold 1,372 units
9. Volkswagen sold 1,143 units
10. Cinascar Group 412 units sold
Thus, for February shows an increase of 51.3% compared to sales of the same month ; 2010 and the first two months of 51.3% compared to sales recorded for the same period last year .
Although broad range of units sold of the first posts over the last, the 'Chinese' are slowly gaining a place in the market but still have a hard road ahead.



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