Monday, March 21, 2011

Company Anniversary Speech Sample

"We, as before, we are not the same ... Pablo Neruda

Paradoxically as in Argentina, who yesterday were staunch allies become enemies need, just as good from yesterday today are bad, and people still slaves.

By Gabriela Pousa (*)

"Where the Hell is other people, peace is not a" - Friedrich Nietzsche

Big mistake.
In times where the furtive and fleeting are the stars, where loyalties lie in impenetrable subsoil, and the word has been devalued as much as the principles, believe in political pacts able to remain unchanged is delusional.

raved In this context both the President and the Sheikh union whose workers feathering the street with signs that read: "Thank you so much dignity Moyano for"

In just 24 hours, there was too much subtlety but none was able to prevent the boomerang so common in politics in Argentina.

From victims to perpetrators is only a step in the same way as yesterday's good now become ill, and what is looming as a novelty but repetition of the now hidden style "K"


see how a few years ago the mentioned multimedia causing all the evils was the best ally, or how Hugo Moyano himself held the marriage acts bringing their trucks, and possibly even union members to attend the leitmotiv: the chorizo \u200b\u200band tetra brick. Remember

even Barack Obama was blond and blue eyes for Republicans beat even today is despicable for choosing Dilma, rather than Cristina.
may not be the last people to arrive before the front, but it is likely that those who are in the front row applauding vehemently to the president, soon to be the reviled by the pack of an environment that was forgotten for 30 years to change the calendar.

While distrust are the order of the day is not healthy to note that for much of the public this episode of unemployment-no strike - Moyano to become the topic of the day.

conveniences never absent from eight years ago when management started K and left opportunism growing barbarism in the midst of a unionism that has even a mystery buried unheard members, and suddenly stops at this imponderable jaquea Argentines.

And it is precisely in the imponderables which would stop. Hete
then what could stop the advance of Fernandez de Kirchner in an effort to stay.

If until now the opposition's ability to limit the hegemony Kirchner has given no concrete proof of efficiency, the brake can be expected to arise, no more nor less, that official's own stupidity, that up beyond the borders highlights more.
imponderable as Antonini's suitcase, the drug carried by Southern Winds, the mails Jaime, bribes or cocaine Skanska siblings Julia who carried to Spain, to name just a few examples.
All with a ruling political leadership and a beginning of plot discovered abroad. Somehow

should be no fear of losing both the national media if, strictly speaking, all known scandal of magnitude thanks to voices outside our borders.

Or Where does the urge to jaquea the head of the CGT? "In this geography
not know perfectly the" slips "Trucker, inexplicable enrichment of its heritage and permanent extortion used as a method?

The issue, however, and although it has mediated some local hand - was put in evidence from Switzerland and taken indoors as an excuse for coexistence desguasar similar to that experienced between Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in "The War of the Roses ", not to exaggerate and talk about some synonymy with" the war Roses "...

The Argentine government is deaf, blind and mute, except when it comes from interfering in matters that are not incumbent upon all.
The truth is that nothing is what it was before between Cristina and the union leader, assuming there ever was anything more than a spurious interest, and mutual use of power by coveted with equal venality.
Now, at least, the electoral battle will be more transparent, and to the debate by collecting remain a topic too old maybe.

The latent threat of national strike will be the sword of Damocles for a weak executive who must face elections, and the court case will be the Achilles heel for the emulator of Herminio Iglesias on this today.
Although not sound very academic, you could say were lovebirds.

Finally, the conspiracy theory is stirred in the same way to each other.
was used in a myriad of issues and she seems to be cool clothes, but on this occasion, the fever is still high, and the remedies ... the remedies will be another test and other causes.

Anyway, the conspiracy thesis is reassuring in so far that explains all the events through the action of subterranean forces.
But that designation of a "major culprit", as stated Pascal Bruckner, can take two directions: either is a sort of resignation (why fight if someone more powerful is plotting something against us), or designates a enemy to be annihilated to recover the lost harmony.
offers, finally, Supreme comfort: large enough to believe that some evil seeks to destroy.

The worst plot ultimately is indifference: How many would survive the idea that they arise in other, neither worship nor sufficient enough to justify hatred and malice slightest?

and Cristina Moyano Surely not in a position to assume in that position nor are they willing to admit that society knows for sure who the real unwelcome guest in this merciless and indefinite war.

(*) Mr. Gabriel R. Pousada - Degree in Social Communication (Universidad del Salvador), Master in Economics and Political Science (ESEADE), is the author of "Public Opinion: a new factor of power." He serves as independent forecasters, does not belong to any party or any political movement militates. Chronic and Analysis published this note courtesy of the author and "Policy Perspectives." Their reproduction without mentioning the source.


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