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The shortness of the Court

If heart and nerves and muscles and put
commitment to service only the highest ideal
and stand the test because no clear hope
giving an example of stubborn and fiery desire
Rudyard Kipling (Joan of Ibarbourou)

The only political fact of Mr. Nestor, RIP, unanimously recognized as positive during the whole of the opposition, is the integration of an independent Supreme Court and qualified.
That it was made using the method to expel anti-republican, plain and simple, the former minister, was considered by the entire society as a venial sin, covered by the personal virtues of those who now compose it, despite its acceptance of implied consent charges and validate these harmful procedures.

While some rulings have contradicted the governing policy since 2003 to date (vgr., pension adjustments, distribution of advertising), it is impossible not to notice that the country's Supreme Court has adopted a practice which, at least can be described as timid, when to enforce its decisions.

The Supreme Court seems to have forgotten, leaving the altar of an alleged political peace shreds of personal prestige of its members, who heads one of the three branches of government and as such can not tolerate another one like it, be allowed ignore their constitutional role and also to demonstrate it.

Perhaps the most emblematic case is that of Attorney Sosa, who was fired by Kirchner, then provincial governor, in a blatant violation of the Constitution of Santa Cruz. The Court has ruled ever since, no fewer than three times ordered the reinstatement of Dr. Sosa in office, but all successors who inherited the chair of Rio Gallegos ignored such decisions. And the Court has done nothing, really, about it.

Last year, the crisis in Central Bank reserves that ended with the resignation of Martin Redrado his presidency and the subsequent looting of the same by the executive branch, had as one of the chapters in this tragic farce of the unusual prosecution and police personnel don the judge Animal Fernández Sarmiento. And the Court did not react.

When the same animals ordered the Federal Police did not comply with a court order expressly referred to the evacuation of the headquarters of the air navigators guild by pro-government thugs, the Court did nothing and let it go.

In recent months, following the occupation American Indian Park, Executive Branch again ignored direct orders of the judges, however, the Court did not react or filed criminal charges against the officials responsible.

situation still remains the usurpation, by a very organized miserable, you have removed the housing allocated to other miserable.
Quilmes A federal judge on behalf of the Supreme Court itself, repeatedly ordered the Federal Police to vacate the premises, nor the security minister nor the chief of staff obeyed the order, and the Court did not regard, reaction.

Don Hugo Moyano Truck showed his seditious proceeding, calling for a national strike and a march in Plaza de Mayo, to extort the government.
Thus, the mere announcement and contemporary threats, committed a crime.
The Court also said the matter was not, as it should, by default of executive officials, made the relevant criminal complaint. That
Kirchner has made a mess with no documented institutional history is nothing new, but it is this Court, his most relied upon and valued, abdicate their authority and their obligations, leaving the citizens left to the whim Two successive presidents, as demonstrated ad infinitum, made and unmade at will.

Nor is a minor fact the subject of this Court frank complicity with the executive branch in relation to trials against military and civilians imprisoned without trial, for many years, a situation that has already cost the lives of more than hundred of them.

The judiciary, headed and commands, has allowed the retroactive application of laws, ignorance of the basic principles of the presumption of innocence, legality and the previous law, and the validity of a quite vicious and eyed Justice , which enables those who planted bombs and deaths to Argentina to take today, with impunity, the highest offices of state administration and compensated with public money to murderers of soldiers, civilians and policemen, while held in prisons hundreds of people get infected simply because, in most cases, having worn a uniform of the country and ignore the innocent victims of these young idealists who sowed terror and dead nationwide.

The Supreme Court of the Nation is so, try to sing, an accomplice in the destruction of the Republic, almost infanticide, since its revival dates back to 1983, ie, scarce twenty-eight.

it is unable to think of a future without Justice.
This is so, so essential to the concept Republicans and water for the existence of life.

To justify this assertion just think that a serious and independent Justice end the impunity that has allowed corruption levels in Argentina have been transformed into veritable genocide, would restore the validity of the statistical agencies of control, prevent the abuses to which the parliamentary majority circumstantial we are accustomed, would respect the freedom of press and information.

In short, would enforce laws and contracts and, with that simple spring, would restore legal certainty no longer exists and would require that the budgets for education, health and housing were reversed as appropriate, avoiding the usual diversions into the pockets of officials responsible for implementation.

Naturally, with the help of legal, investment quickly return the country so desperately needs and, at the hands of law enforcement, also greatly reduce the large current concern of the public-insecurity, because criminals of all stripes would be serving their sentences in prisons.

In this election period, when as I have said many times, it is essential that the issue of justice becomes a priority of state policy, and all opposition, whatever its political hue, to commit to it.

Thus, Argentina may be worthy, indeed, the word Republic is now only holds in its official name.

I hope against hope that this becomes a reality.

Buenos Aires, March 24, 2011

Guillermo Enrique Avogadro
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