Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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failure unprecedented in the flight control

disorders to fly / Over 200 flights canceled at Ezeiza and Aeroparque

A malfunction in the communication system between aircraft and control towers, air traffic halted: Denounce sabotage

Ezeiza Airport, colpasado by the cancellation of flights heading for almost seven hours. Télam Photo / Marcelo Gomez Franco Varis


The famed and feared "we are no system " yesterday caused unprecedented disruption to air traffic control Ezeiza Airport, the Jorge Newbery airport and aerodrome of San Fernando, they had to cancel over 200 flights in the metropolitan area.

A malfunction detected in the "digital communication ring" of the air stations, whose causes are unknown, took nearly seven tense hours and started only partially resolved from the 19.45, with the first departures from Ezeiza, which took place every 20 minutes.
In the metropolitan airport last night had not yet resumed activity.

Last night, leaders of six major aviation unions in a statement considered "suspicious" widespread failure of communications systems, which related to the performance of "sectors that are sabotaging" flag airlines to "foster a climate privatist "

The union said the damage was recorded three days after a meeting he had with Defense Minister Arturo Puricelli, who argued that a group of ten original air traffic controllers "Military" and that he works "under the scope" of the Ministry, has "made clear his intentions to sabotage the functioning of state enterprises"

The unprecedented glitch in communications between the towers control stations and aircraft carriers came as a surprise to drivers about 12.30.
The Computer Area Control Center, which works in Ezeiza, began to fail suddenly.
When they tried to restore the system to back up (the back of the plant), also found a flaw in the v oice swiching, which is the mechanism that establishes communication between the aircraft and control towers.

Given this contingency, which, in real terms, means a great risk to air safety, the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) decided to suspend all arrivals and departures of commercial flights and private agencies in the metropolitan area.

"Users affected are asked to contact the airline issuing the ticket to the rescheduling of their flight," ANAC said in a brief statement only detected several hours after the problem.
Nobody knew until yesterday at 16 what about the hundreds of cheap earrings and even erroneously reported that the problem could persist 48 hours.
Finally, the director of the Airport Infrastructure ANAC, Fernando Jantus, said the system would be reinstated from the 21.

"never happened "
"The fault does not occur at least 30 years" , union sources said, adding that the problem "could not be foreseen."

The director of the ANAC said the damage appeared in a long day of air traffic.
"I had never happened before there is any kind of chaos and only going to be delays," said Jantus, to which he added: "The system maintenance was completed normally and we can not know what happened: first we fix it and then see who is responsible. "

The damage also forced the cancellation of the trip of President Cristina Kirchner to Salta, where at 18 he will inaugurate a plant ceramic production, which was postponed until next Monday.
Another affected by the suspension of flights was the Formula One driver Rubens Barrichello, who through his Twitter account said he was in Ezeiza on a scale to the Grand Prix of Australia.
The broker said it took a ship to Uruguay to take a plane to Chile to meet its commitments.

Asked about the severity of the failure and the chances of repeated again, a commercial aviation industry source said: "This does not mean that the planes were held incommunicado, as they have other alternative, but as a matter of law have to be all working so they can authorize the arrivals and departures "

Nearly seven hours later, the first lucky were grounded Ezeiza did last night aboard an Alitalia airliner heading for the airport of Fiumicino in Rome.
However, the mechanism used to maintain control of the aircraft from the control tower was not traditional.
The aircraft had to use Montevideo flies a route to enter the ring communication in that country before embarking on their journey across the ocean.
Therefore, the provision of an emergency committee headed by the ANAC, was that flights depart every 20 minutes to avoid dangerous congestion.


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