Sunday, March 20, 2011

How Many People Have A Credit Card Uk

sprout in Argentina, "Authoritarians on the verge of a nervous breakdown ... "

Political Humor By ALEJANDRO Borensztein / Clarín was not a good week for the authoritarians.
Bizarre, in a country where the pubic hair gives a thug and a gang then you flowers.
Once we get a radical which carries all before him, seeking re-election and warns that "we're staying 20 years, like it or not like" the guy goes and loses the election.
And over the presence of two party leaders, Sanz and Cobos, who traveled specially to attend the embarrassment (Embarrassment in case he would have won, obviously)
People are stoked, voted for Kirchner and hegemonic dream goodbye.

Fortunately, the winning candidate was quick to clarify that Ramon Saadi is a sweet milk, and that "the case of María Soledad was not as demonstrated by the media," thus ensuring that national authoritarianism quickly return to their place, healthy and safe.

Anyway, we must be alert at risk
our traditional authoritarian identity.

foolish enough to observe the democratic love grabbed the Federal Peronism.
Duhalde, Das Neves and Rodriguez Saa are organizing a marathon of inmates across the country.
Starts April 3 in Federal Capital and continues for 10 Mesopotamia and the Northeast.
The third date is Sunday 17 in the Northwest.
May 5 in Santa Fe and Cordoba (date goat), 15 in Patagonia, Saturday 28 within the province of Buenos Aires (great match), and the last date is Sunday 29 May, the derby :
Buenos Aires province. Seven
dates to devote a tremendous winner will play the grand finale: the inner and compulsory open August 14 and you will be Felipe Solá, as I had no twine or miles prior to the tour, told his colleagues:
- "Boys, you be doing that I hope here in Buenos Aires "

How things change!
think that in 1983, these people hit two shots into the air and already had a candidate.
To make matters worse, the radicals also go to a proper internal 30 April, when the federal PJ left free to avoid problems (not a thing that in the confusion, the inner end up winning Peronist Ricardo Alfonsin) The PRO is not going to be internal because the issue is almost solved: if the baby is on time, the formula will be Macri, Macri. In this case, obviously, the vice is Mauritius.

love Faced by this Republican, and just when our stock authoritarian seemed sinking, appeared the governor of San Juan, Gioja, presenting a project to reform the Constitution and empowered itself to re-election, or a third consecutive term.
textually explained that despite the sacrifice that means, "I'm not entitled to so much effort to leave halfway" ("halfway? 8 years ago that is!)
Touching. Flower

When it seemed that our beloved authoritarianism had managed to resist the onslaught of the week, came a Swiss tax Moyano wondering if they have something to do with a waste collection empresita which started humbly and now say that 700 sticks annual bill. Moyano
The boys got a little nervous and decided to stop your country to the Chief Mate (poor woman, what does that matter?) But then retreated because they realized that people would want so they would not know where to go so much love.
In the meantime, his spokesman warned that if necessary would send ten thousand truckers at the door of the newspapers for explanations for what they publish.

In my personal case, I notice you do not need to send 10,000.
With only one that greets me from across the street and show me a gold tooth, enough and to spare.
I leave everything and I give my Claringrilla pages 2 through without problems.
And while they save the other 9,999 kids, so they have enough to send Magdalena, Lanata, Nelson Castro, Sabat, Fernando Bravo, Tenenbaum, Longobardi, María Laura Santillán, Robert Cox, Eliaschev, Zlote, Santo, Caparros, Leuco, James Nielsen, Thomas Abraham, Kovadloff, Sebreli, Beatriz Sarlo, and many other rakes, coup plotters and traitors (che,
not forget me Majul

Finally, to bring peace to all authoritarian, say that the band escrachar ruling could overcome slap hit them as the Chief Fellow of Vargas Llosa and you walk phenomenon and remain successful persecution of the Secretary of Commerce, Moreno, which imposes fines of 500,000 mangoes to the consultants report that inflation is higher than what is in the INDEC.

I will not give figures for mistakes and not incidentally, to save me like dough, especially now that I had to buy school supplies and also was planning to go out to dinner on Tuesday.

The fines are very good for two reasons.
The first is that all those pesky gags economists gorillas and give false numbers in the 90 supported privatization of YPF as (among others), and all the neoliberal policies of Menem and his government of Martians. Lucky wine kirchnerismo and sent back to his planet. same, just in case, should be reviewed if the Government House or the cabinet was not any intergalactic invaders.

The other reason is that it shows that sometimes the opposition is absolutely unable to do anything about some atrocities unacceptable.
is likely that when you read this, the U.S. Air Force is crossing our skies bound for Santiago de Chile, with Obama reading the Sports Illustrated without even looking at us through the window. No stops in our country or to load gasoline.
probably would not get involved in electoral fight, or maybe not felt like a fool Chancery then you open the bag and check your neckties and socks.

will surely come at another time, when all the little seeds that fly over our land authoritarian, it has taken the wind. Cursed



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