Monday, March 21, 2011

Techdeck Monster Energy

In this story may be many, be everyone, be everyone.
Today I am the horse.

Rider and the girl lost in the skyline. No one knows where they go. It is not known whether he was a gunman or an Indian ranquel. The landscape is the same: a line on the horizon. The rider is wild and the girl is delicate.

This happens often in the desert. It's an ordinary scene, often told. What is not known, which is where nobody ever told you that horse, what happens when it stops. Because at some point have to stop, no one lives galloping all the time, right? It seems that the rapture is just that, pulling a woman from their land by the roots, instantly, and take far and fast. That's the story.

Is that the end? A final movement, the end is lost, she vanishes, leaving a cloud of dust that obscures where you are, what they are doing what is stolen, why are captives. We do not know, so there are myths. One who went to the underworld and had dealings with the king of the dead, another that he liked the Indians and ended up eating live sheep, which became another victim and was saved by a Romantic poet, one who became holster ... And another and another and another ... So many who live well in an adventure film. Because once you are walking around spinning the desert, and can not be told otherwise.

September 2, 2010


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