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Cities for cycling traffic jams occur

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know any of the cities that have promoted this activity as a means of transportation or recreation.
Promote bicycle use as a banner leads, in some countries, the care of the environment, physical activity and a transportation alternative even more fun. ;
Following this trend, we present a list of cities have promoted the use of this medium Transport and recreacción.
The capital of the Netherlands has specialized and well-marked lanes to get to know from head to toe .
With an amount that depends on the type of bike you choose and identification, can rent and use your personal transportation anywhere in this city. Barcelona
In this city there are many companies offering bicycle tours. The "Bicing" is a public service for the rental of bicycles.
"Other European Cities as Berlin, Copenhagen, Prague and Paris "are also recognized by the space and the importance we give this alternative transportation. In each there are specific places to acquire them and return them.
New York
The most populous city in the United States has spent more than 40 kilometers of bicycle paths to go it on wheels .
This way you can go around and meet Manhattan or Central Park. In this city there guided bike tours lasting approximately two hours . Bogotá
More than one million people in this city enjoy the bike paths on Sunday walks. They close the main streets of the city for the exclusive use of skates, bicycles or any other recreational activity.
"The cycle ride Wednesday" is another option to ride a bike and get into the city at night .
Bogotá also offers its population and visitors bike taxis service.
Buenos Aires
The capital of Argentina used the program "Best in Bike" with which you can visit the Barrio de San Telmo, Parque Lezama and reach the neighborhood of La Boca and La Bombonera stadium of Boca Juniors, Caminito and the Port.
"Museum Mile" is a tour that you can perform on wheels for the city's cultural spaces. The journey is calculated in 48 hours or three days each visitor as desired.
Santiago de Chile
As in Bogotá, t ll Sunday in this city are devoted to cycling, with the "Cycle RecreoVía" miles of streets are closed to vehicular passage from 9:00 am to 14:00 pm.
On any other day of the week can make use of bicycle paths or if you prefer, internarte in "The Green Bicycle" one of the most famous cycle-tours of Santiago.
Rio de Janerio

This capital also created a bicycle rental system.
The SAMBA project (Alternative Mobility Solution for Bikes for hire) consists of a network of bike stations where you do use this means of transport or recreation.
After the crisis of the 90 in Cuba popularized the use of bicycles as transportation , dedicating specialized routes for cyclists. This journey includes
the Malecon, one of the most attractive streets in Havana.

Federal District
Mexico City has also pioneered the use of bicycles through recreational projects such as "Move on bike," Sunday walks including tours of the city center.
The route from Reform to the Historical Center and the Villa has an area of \u200b\u200b24 kilometers .
The City also offers bike rentals at specific points in the city.



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