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the level of a 1000cc

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The development of the Moto Swigz continues in the first real test against petrol 1000cc bikes offered good result
January 13, 2011 by Ricardo Silverio
Moto Swigz totalmente eléctrica al nivel de una 1000cc
Last year there were many electric bikes preparers who disappeared so fast as loads of batteries used, but some enthusiasts who continued were born, such is the case Swigz that in late 2010 presented its first functional design.

In this first installment released a model that seemed strange was a cargo box on the back, which housed the battery space, unusual changed dramatically since the center of gravity bike without lateral movement during cornering.

After that day were proposed to participate in the American championship called WERA Heavyweight Twins Superbike, where bikes compete Super Stock (standard units, with slight modifications safety) 1000cc displacement, as is the Ducati 1198 or KTM R8.

This competition was held on Sunday 9 in the circuit of Fontana, where improvements were made to the bike as the weight of the batteries are able to distribute from the bottom of the seat to what would gas tank, which improved handling and passing the aesthetics of the unit.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but here are worth all the videos and we can do with a camera on board the bike the route he had to reach second place in race two of the weekend.

In this video we can draw two conclusions acceleration the bike "battery" that generates 193hp is ... pardon the term, brutal, surpassing the lines to the other gasoline. Moreover, the sound that gives us something strange, something unheard of before for a machine of skills will be put to debate for a long time before we get used.

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