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Airports 2000 - Aerolineas Argentinas - Another day nerve and passenger protests

There were many complaints about the lack of information

Paul Tomino / THE NATION

Pushing, nerves, lack ...
Thousands of passengers were stranded yesterday at Ezeiza International Airport and the Metropolitan Airport after the failure of the air transportation system, were victims of disorganization and lack of information, while airlines sought to reschedule and relocate items in different hotels for those passengers whose flights were canceled.

"Do not yell at me, sir, not yell at me I'm not deaf! Make the row and tell me with respect. I can not answer all at once " he said, high-pitched, one of the coordinators of the Office of Aerolineas Argentinas in Buenos Aires Aeroparque.
There, the long line to evacuate the consultations was as crowded as the crowd stood stoically in front of monitors to verify the news of their flights, news that had little or no good.
"Again and again Cordoba stuck here at Aeroparque. If not for a strike aircraft is a flight attendants strike or because the system crashed. Incredible! I have to travel for work to close a Brazilian business entrepreneurs, who are already there, and now I'm calling to stop. I do not know what to do, do not know ... , repeated Ezekiel, a passenger whose flight was canceled and I was looking for more information be trying to circumvent the row action, in trouble, repeated several passengers and was a source of complaints from others who had been waiting many minutes also to one question.
Near the 17, some passengers chose to wait sitting on the floor of the main hall of the Aeroparque.

The buzz and protest grew to the few employees who, for example, decided to channel Aerolineas Argentinas doubt, unlike the other companies.
"If to know what they're doing with our flight I have to queue for three hours, the truth is not fair. I understand it is an unusual situation, but the information given here is very bad to," said María Inés del Rosario, a English tourist who traveled south to spend a few days of vacation.
Curiously, although he confirmed that the company was going to take care of your stay extra in a hotel, he could not say whether he would be able to realize their trip in two days or three.
"I suggested that perhaps a lack of flights could travel until Friday, as it is long weekend and all services are reserved," complained the woman.
The only beneficiaries of the cancellations were Aeroparque kiosks and bars, working in full despite its prices above the market, and taxi drivers, with rows of more than one block to address them.

in Ezeiza Airport in Ezeiza, the weather was more calm.
As there was no timely complaint against airlines for delays and cancellations, Passengers waited quietly.
From the loudspeakers, each 10 minutes, reported: "The Civil Aviation Administration reports that due to faulty communication system Area Control Center all air operations at airports in the metropolitan region have been suspended for reasons security until the problem is solved "

Iberia in English company, for example, travelers gave them a voucher for a hotel transfer to the President, which included a lunch and breakfast.
LAN in the Chilean company, gave them a statement explaining that the company looked at obligation to delay or cancel flights and could communicate with the 0810-999-9526 to check what the status of each flight. The Australian
Qantas, for example, immediately sent the passengers to various hotels, the business went to Caesars Palace, and class, to NH.

Last night, the concern of many travelers who had suffered the cancellation of its flights was that they had shipped their luggage and had no extra clothes to change into.


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