Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wig Peyton Angel Of Death


was watching this issue of Lila Monti and I lit the lamp. See it's fun!

What occurred to me following Berta is a very serious issue that can often be found in Puán 480: the vanity of the student.

In number, Berta part of a song contest, so it will be evaluated. And what happens comes to my hair for the topic I want to share today: what are we going with exams? It is very common that when we ask for just a song, or a monograph, or exposure to the end, starts imitating animals, testing the sound, interacting with the rhythm. All this is very interesting, and had fun in the meantime, but we can come against for one thing: the time (and patience of the teacher).

Berta ran out of space I had allotted for his show, and could not sing his song. This will happen very often. In the papers, for example, when we change the subject a thousand times before you start writing, or once we start arming all an introduction that has no neck to enter the track and get hit in the back pages, and sometimes does not come .

In the end it is worse. In 10 minutes you have to condense a strong idea, to persuade, and it is very difficult to know what is important to say while falling into a poor show if we are too synthetic. There then begins the necessity of swagger, trying to prove everything you read, everything you know, instead of to the point and say something productive about it.

But these are things that happen are always problems that will arise in preparing for exams. And it can work, have a solution. The real problem is that to improve these aspects need humility, and that is what, in my opinion, is lacking in our school.

both among students and between teachers is the comment corridor "students of Arts are very vain." Like any generalization, it is a prejudice and it's got some truth. Then, open the umbrella and say they are not all so humble there are many students in the race. But they are not the problem, are on track. Then I speak to the vain. I'm not talking behind her back, but trying to show that vanity is a real barrier to learning.

I return the number of Berta. I copy the final dialogue because it has no waste:

- With this song I could not have won.

- I swear it can be.

- This is not a serious competition. Because I know when I do my best, when I did not. And when I do not in any way going to let me give an award for something I did not demanded any effort. Stay up on that side.

- Yes

- Because I have to keep saying. (...) Because if I do not call me then I would not if I did not grow and grow ... And if I did not grow, what happens? Ah! I do not die ... And if I die, what happens?

- We die all of us.

Well, I could really identify with it the requirement. Many times did not match the note you put me with the one I expected, both high and low notes. There were times when I gave everything and got a 7. I was very upset, but said nothing. Sometimes di afterthought, very poor for my opinion, and got a 10. I felt dirty, but said nothing. Other times, the least, there was agreement between the teacher's approach and my own self-criticism. Many times I wanted to do the scandal which Berta, because deep contempt for authority is something I've gotten into the veins (but that is another issue ...)

To have more fun and be no bad blood, my advice is to stop thinking about justice / injustice of teachers who agree that the note they put them, and if not satisfied with their work should take note of that and try harder next time because no one but you will care whether or not they develop as professionals. The teachers are passing on the other hand are always going to have to live with yourself.

Now I go to another kind of student. The one who speaks when he feels the "injustice" of the teacher. I mean those who think that 7 is a bad note, and we will discuss the teacher why he dropped points, like a punishment. This attitude is very bad for learning. In my case I did not have the courage enough to ask the teacher how I can improve if I did so well on a test. Whenever I set to suffer in silence. But once I did, at the end of the race and was very productive. He had studied a lot and the result was a 6. She wondered why and asked the teacher, but not to discuss the note but to know what he was doing wrong. The answer was simple: I I very briefly for tests, and in that matter calling for greater development, write down everything that we remember (the survey was in person). Then I did not insist on my past performance and tried to implement the advice of the teacher. The following note was 8, and following a 9. So I recommend it. Whenever in doubt about an assessment, ask. Whenever you have general questions, ask. With humility, with the aim to learn something. This will dispel the fears and start to do something to fix the problem.

Returning to the student who complains because he dropped the note, well, in this case there is a willingness to learn but to win a prize that has already earned before doing anything, before the test and the teacher. I wonder why they come to the right if you already know them all. What you get many times this type of student, unfortunately, is that you go up the note, and the number of clown, because otherwise "we all die." Because you have a lot of integrity as a teacher to hold the floor when a student makes it a scandal over the note. In my short teaching experience of those claims had not, fortunately! But to have them, I hope to keep my decision, because then I would be doing my job.

A student who thinks he is perfect and the teacher can not teach anything, it will not learn anything. In contrast, if the note is left that you think deserves, perhaps try to grow, even with anger, although the teacher became the bad guy. Nobody likes that role, but sometimes you have to act, is part of the job. If instead you access the student's claim vain, there is nothing to be done. The student continues to believe that will happen by the faculty to get your prize, and the teacher will be given before a difficult case, betraying himself as a professional.

Ultimately, I think the vanity of students goes hand in hand with the lack of authority of the teacher and to continue learning and form good professionals need to be a little more humble.


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