Sunday, January 23, 2011

How To Hide Pipes In Bathroom

Vanity 480: a retrospective

Ending a life-changing career. Continuing with the metaphor of the way, is a time forced to look back. Because you do not see anything forward. The question now what? attacks you more than you have work, family, friends, couples who occupy much of your life.

responses also start playing in your mind. Comments coming through, because we know that people love to say. And while not asking the question aloud, the "solutions" in a vacuum are the same, are attracted, I love to surround the space. Then there were the Forks. Some people "and now you will do a doctorate," no friends "how nice it would be a trip around the world", people "you can work in black" and others "we have to celebrate!". But the strongest are those that come from within, the conditions that one gets to realize the projects. Because, come on, do you think that was pure will? No, no pacts between. Style promises "when finished the race ..." that involve other people. So now it's time to start paying. Not so white the future.

But first, for breath, good turn around and look how it was, what happened in the last 7 years to go through the institution. I started to review and it occurred to me that many things that happened are very common (in the sense of shared, not vulgar). And then they can serve many other students. So I'm going to start posting some things to think about now that I am facu on the outside. And enjoy!


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