Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bionicle:quest For Makuta Rulebook

Thanks to everyone who made the tour

"our blessed doll", Aunt Carmen, Cristian, to Maximilian at Macumba Glup "Gigi" Damien Esperanza Station, Hope Station, Rafaela, Pau, Sarita chapel, Sergio, Matthew, Chapel hill, the UFOs of Uritorco to San Marcos Sierras, Alexander Raymond the FLIA, the Rune Mishky, Quilpo River at Ford of Lopez, a Avatar, Fer, Ceci Ulrich, San Carlos Minas, Marcela Ponce, Mina Clavero high and all I'm forgetting but soon add

denuevo We are all well and eager to leave the ring.

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uploaded to myspace entering: / elcolectivocosmico

Buenaventura and follow all carnival celebrating the infinite!


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