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Making A Scramble Net

Dr. Miguel Perez-Camacho Duque ICAPSI Founder

The ICAPSI is apolitical, scientific, humanistic, individual and of unlimited duration, to be an intellectual forum and discussion that brings together all the centers Canary Study of Psychiatry and related sciences.

ICAPSI The was founded in 1990, the spirit of the institute is to study, research, update and dissemination of recent advances in psychiatry and related sciences.

Its activities has been doing since its inception until today, a cycle of conferences and / or talks on the island of Tenerife, public and nonprofit, with leading figures from the National and International Psychiatry.

have passed by the tribune of Lecture , distinguished professors and doctors as

• Prof. Dr. D. Ramon Gracia Marco (Tenerife), Spain
• Dr. D. José Miguel Juan-Togores Veguero, ┼ (Tenerife) Spain
• Prof. Dr. D. Rolando Piham Wyhmeister (Buenos Aires) Argentina
• Prof. Dr. D. Alamo Cecilio González (Madrid) Spain
• Psychologist Ruvira Margarita García (Tenerife) Spain
• Dr. D ª. Margarita López Roa (Tenerife) Spain
• Dr. D. Alayón Antonio Fumero (Tenerife) Spain
• Prof. Dr. D. José Luis López-Peñalver, ┼ (Madrid) Spain
• Prof. Dr. D. Francisco Alonso Fernández (Madrid) Spain
• Prof. Dr. D. Rafael Navarro Pichardo, (Granada) Spain
• Prof. Dr. D. Gregorio Gómez Jarabo, (Madrid) Spain
• Prof. Dr. D. Julio César González Peñalver, (Buenos Aires) Argentina
• Dr. D. José Ramón Gutiérrez Casares, (Badajoz) Argentina
• Prof. Dr. D. John Gilbert Rahola, (Cadiz) Spain
• Dr. D. Carlos Pinto Grote (Tenerife) Spain
• Dr. D ª. Reyes Trujillo García (Tenerife) Spain
• Dr. D. Eduard Vieta (Barcelona) Spain • Prof. Dr. D.
Miguel Pérez-Camacho Duque (Tenerife) Spain
• Prof. Dr. D. Alfonso Ruiz-Mateos María Jiménez de Tejada (Madrid) Spain
• Dr. D. Francisco Carrillo Trujillo (Tenerife) Spain
• Dr. D ª. Teresa Cruz Lamadrid (La Habana) Cuba
• Prof. Dr. D. Sergio Villasenor (Jalisco) Mexico
• Prof. Dr. D. Carlos Bonantini, (Buenos Aires) Argentina
• Prof. Dr. D. Gustavo Taffeta, (Buenos Aires) Argentina
• Prof. Dr. D. Amilcar Juan Valdes (Jalisco) Mexico
• Prof. Dr. D. Adolfo Petiziol (Rome) Italy

Directive is constituted by:
Honorary President, Hon. Dr. D. Carlos Pinto Grote. •
Director, Dr. D. Miguel Pérez-Camacho Duque.
• Scientific Secretary Dr. D ª. M ª García Reyes Trujillo. •
Secretary, Miss Rosa Calvo Afonso.

The Scientific Committee consists of: •

Prof. Alonso-Fernandez, Francisco (Professor of Psychiatry. Academician of the Royal Academy of Medicine. President of the European Association of Social Psychiatry . Director of the Psychiatric Institute of English Language). • Prof.
Alamo González, Cecilio (Professor of Pharmacology, University of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid). • Dr.
Alayón Fumero, Antonio (Neurologist, Hospital Universitario de Candelaria, Tenerife). • Prof.
Boada Juárez, José Nicolás (Professor of Pharmacology, University of La Laguna, Tenerife).
• Dr. Cabrera Vega, Claudio (Psiquiatra. Psychoanalyst, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria).
• Dr. Concepción Pérez, Antonio (neuropsychiatrist, Tenerife).
• Dr. Contreras Miguel, Miguel Ángel (Psychiatrist, Tenerife). •
Prof. García Miranda, José Luis (Professor of Cytology and Genetics, University of La Laguna, Tenerife). • Prof.
Genoese Sierra, Mariano (Neurosurgeon, Universidad de La Laguna, Tenerife). •
Dr. Gómez Casanova, M ª. José (Psychiatrist, Tenerife).
• Prof. Gómez-Jarabo, Gregorio (Head of the Philatelic Foundation Chair of Psychobiology _Cultural Forum and Disability. Faculty of Psychology, Autonomous University of Madrid. IPLE Scientific Secretary)
• Prof. Gracia Marco, Ramon (Professor of Psychiatry, University of La Laguna, Tenerife).
• Prof. López-Peñalver, José Luis (President of the Psychoanalytic Association of Madrid and northern Spain). •
Dr. Lopez Roa, Margarita (Neurologist, Mental Hospital de Tenerife).
• Prof. López Sánchez, José M ª. (Coordinator of Teaching and Psychotherapy Unit of the Andalusian Health Service, Granada). • Prof.
Llorca Ramón, Ginés (Professor of Psychiatry, University of Salamanca). •
Dr. Miranda Lopez, Soledad (Psychologist, Tenerife). • Prof.
Holder Navarro Pichardo, Rafael (Psychiatry, University of Granada).
Prof. Ruiz-Mateos Jménez de Tejada, Alfonso M ª (Professor of Psychiatry-Neurology-Alfonsiana Lateran University, Rome, Doctor in Theology, Sociology and Medicine)
Ruvira Dr. Garcia, Margarita (Child Psychologist, Tenerife).
• Dr. James Obeso, Julio (Psiquiatra. Chief of General Hospital Psychiatry, Lanzarote).
• Dr. Trujillo Ferré, Henry (neuroradiologist, Tenerife).
Dr. Eduard Vieta (Coordinator of the Bipolar Disorders Program, Research Director of Institut Clínic i Psychiatry Psychology, Hospital Clínic, Universitat de Barcelona).

The ICAPSI is registered in the Ministry of Science and Technology-title certified trademark registration No. 2336418 on March 5, 2001.

addition, ICAPSI is registered in the Canary Islands Government (Ministry of Presidency and Justice) in the Directorate General of Territorial Administration and the Interior Bureau of partnerships with registration number G1/S1/13765 the March 27, 2006.


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