Sunday, October 28, 2007

Synyster Gates Style Hair


:: Standing at the edge of the threshold, I feel that you are here, the empty stands before me, the course of the past is forgotten with this in mind, everything becomes nerves and uncertainty that could go wrong, leaving me, I immerse myself in you ...

I have no fear of taking this step because I am re-born ..

.... Life presents us with a scenario very totalitarian, but a different turn and unassailable, nonstop motion, friction, harassment, simultaneity, speed, more speed, power consumption .... .
What position we take on things, if even a trip to the cinema becomes a torture, people no longer support being alone in silence .... away. We have lost respect, concern, admiration ... Just accept my own responsibility, that guilt I have in all this, I have been very soft, I have been very hard, or just have not had the courage to let go of the things I've won , and once lost I feel so empty I could not restart, just after reading these words will tell me ...

.. Tu as these, you are responsible ... .???..


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