Thursday, October 25, 2007

Stream Bottomless Party


:: It has always been a challenge, meet or deal with the unknown, the unknown in this case is to explain and publicize what you can fit in, this is the first study, see or try to understand what you have inside, so take this fight as an exploration.
A trip to try to Decoding what we carry.
These are the first two interior exploration concepts within any process whatever, uncertainty dominates the creation, not as a matter of doubt, but as a method of validation of personal vision things, but this concept is always from the inside out and vice versa, not a orm of seeing the world, but as the world is present within me and everyone.
the go with the first feelings .... or the first way has to do with things that one has ever seen, but has not consciously retained, and is the creative process in which these are manifested. (at least personally).
Well it's late ... life is constructed and deconstructed in minutiae of observation ... Observe the unconscious, and dominate the uncertainty is my job ... I think I will continue in that ..


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