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How To Compere Annual Day

Disclosure of friendship tour in 7 years

share with you what I read in the last party siempreviajera, 2010 . For me it was a very special moment because I got that day and was to return all look back, watching the race step by step, as life is passing before his death. To complete the picture, just as I was reading was cut light, so I read with a candle in the middle of an impressive silence. As he saw nothing, Hannibal came to my rescue with their cell flashlight. Also very symbolic because it is one of my oldest mates workshop, with whom he also shared the presentation of my first book. Here goes:

The other day I was asked how he had to take malapalabra . It is a very difficult question to answer and I would take the challenge, because if I learned anything traveling in the den is that we are writing, we are always at a point in a longer process than we imagine. Yes, it's "oh, what luck, took out a book." There is much work back-and even before-the book.

The question comes to my hair to review a course of seven years working with the Travel writing always. I had to take a lot of courage to show these texts, because they really are steps in a process, with all the ridiculous and tender that it implies. I show them as proof that you can start and finish will see and publishing a book with pride. I dedicate it to all travelers and the texts in the process, believing that by dint of patience, work and respect is possible to find a voice.

2003. Walking through the streets of San Telmo I found a little bar-cultural center that attracted my attention. Cabaret Voltaire called . I saw a sign saying "workshop poetry" and I was interested, so I learned to do an interview. The text that I took to show what he wrote was as follows:


cover you stop in the warm frivolity. Finally
reveal your true face. That face
magnificent and imposing violent

showing the difficulty of looking at it straight in the eye.
I do not admire your body
and exploit for my own enjoyment,
to him
fill my daily procrastination. No. I look at you

the eyes and through them, not to challenge
but to discover yourself,
to understand you.
I prefer to whip the wind, the sand
my skin itch and stormy sea

make me a slave to her whims. "

Professor, Karina Macció was very kind to me. Although "my poetry", gave me a chance. So I kept going to the workshop.

2004. I started college and flashing with grammar, verbal inflection and enunciation patterns ... So in this period wrote very convoluted, for many experiments. For example, a text that I read of the series "Huevanal." Nor I knew what he meant. Luckily I despised my word "vanguard", and I keep trying things.

"Astigmatism. A hint of stigma. I see blurry, I mixed the letters. Jump. It is not a game. It is a disease. "Schizophrenia? Why do you think that I speak of him when I invoke the third person? Am I not talking to the second? Do not say "me" and I am you? Can not you see I'm quoting? This is a blind date. "

And I still had another chance!

(Note from transcriber: remember that when reading this text was dark, with candlelight and flashlight Hannibal's cell.)

2005. And it came heartbreak, how could it be otherwise. One day I wrote a text that, while it was meaningful to me, I could not give an irony needed to express. I choose this text because it is very apparent that came into being the bad words.

"cut to shreds tearing

you dance but maybe

and you're sand makes me fall decline

I scraped the skin in shreds as I

holes ass bites me
but no ants, no
are voluntary
black back up in about eight of its own weight but you have done with
and leaves you of pure inspiration
only I need a muse torn fissures
with air

to bleed her ass burns me
ah, but what a beast you are!
and you look at what you say
confined to what you said you do
my words to be worth semeion
change, chameleon
we are more than two
blind and only see the obvious
the karakul that says "ass" in your face for no
say "I love you" at five o'clock "

2005. In the same context (when I broke your heart ...) I wrote an emotional vomiting, and without much thought I took the workshop. That day I was alone with Kari. The introduction was "do not know, this is very cheesy ..." But something had changed. Because he had written was really sorry. That was a real milestone, a turning point, and only missed out this poem worth having published the book.

be different not being able to seize
change, deleted nude

be continued under the skin of another one like

swap another pair
I am you and you're well I can be outside

misplaced run them
put myself in your place but I'm still me I descontextuada

that is faceless?
looking from another angle?
here is?

away feeling I do not know where you're
I'm not inside me went

I missed
not find the way I am blind I have no e

not want to walk back
touch me, please touch me to see if I
meat to see if you're
meat can
? we?

I find I find I want to find

I want to look and see

know you're there and that got me lost
I'm not lost

please, no! someone please

arme me I'm all broken and lying around

indifferent pieces are unaware of the other living separately

need to meet
build my whole

be here so I can see all
and can return you a true picture

my truth to you give it to you

all colors

look at me Look at me now

here "

Thanks to Kari, Vir and all the passengers for having accompanied me throughout the journey. While it is true that the writer is a lonely experience, because then we are when we write, in Travel always found a special place to share and know that in reality the task is always social, for it is in contact with the words we can meet others.


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