Friday, November 19, 2010

Pain At Last Drop Ofurine

next stops! Cosmic Collective

Today Saturday 20
in Gba Club!
of Villa Adelina
Lamadrid 2388
Cosmic Collective Effect Spaghetti
Luciano Varela
Dj Chuck Norris!
fernechis delicious pizza and the gba
Kinu Productions and Radio Mix
entre.ada (s): 15p

Sunday 21 November
in CCBambĂș.
San Fernando
in Zumbi Festival
by black consciousness
after 14hs
14hs: Expoferia
15hs: African Percussion Open Class
16hs: African Dance Class Open
17hs: Samba-Reggae Open Class
18hrs: Talk Discussion
Zumbi and the black population in Argentina.
19hs: Capoeira Angola
19:30 pm: Flea dream
20hs: Collective Cosmic
Lumali 21hs 22hs
: acullico
23hs: Dance and Closing Drums
24h: DJ

Thursday 25
Collective Cosmic
in the Fiesta
"Make the Journey"
in Uniclub.
Guardia Vieja 3360. Cap. Fed
of 22hs 1am
free list by sending mail to

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light and love art!

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good trip


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